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Office 2003 - Office XP Updates plus Slipstreamer


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I think you need to edit the batch file (slip C.cmd) because you changed the name of the folders. Instead of Office2003, you now call it OfficeUpdater. That change needs to be reflected in the batch file.

I changed it on my own, and all works fine! :)

good work neanderthal.

Oh! one more thing...a new junk mail filter is out. you can replace the other one:


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muiz, i believe i saw it posted HERE before it was posted there.

But what`s your point !

My point is that you don`t have a point... so you make me curious as to what your point might be... because you wouldn`t just go around spitting out pointless crap... would you!

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How to update your Office 2003 CD

Up To Date as of 28th September 2005

Current Office 2003 Updates

KB887616 - Office 2003 Service Pack 2

KB904631 - Outlook 2003 Junk E-Mail Filter update: September 2005

Update instructions

1. Download Office Updater and extract to the root of your drive

2. Download SP2 and use WINRar or 7-Zip to extract it

3. Place MAINSP2ff.msp and OWC11SP2ff.msp in C:\OfficeUpdater\Office_Updates\SP2

4. Run Admin.cmd to create an administrative install in C:\OfficeUpdater\Office_Source

5. Run Slip.cmd to start the slipstream process

6. Burn the contents of "Office_Source" to a cd and your done

Of course you can use notepad to edit the drive letters in the batch files if you wish.

I`ll be adding to this guide when i get the chance and it will allways be up-to-date.

be nice if the updater was available.....page cannot be found


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i'd like to slipstream OneNote 2003 sp2 as well. What would be the differences and how would i go about doing it?

thanks for the help in advance.


its probably just a simple change of a few filenames, but im not sure which ones to do?

Do you happen to have OneNote neanderthal? Perhaps you could make some smaller packs, like for OneNote, Project, Visio, etc. It probably would not take very long, and would be very helpful. This could be kinda the one stop shot for updating all the office applications!

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