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unattended install without floppy drive ?

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Having been using unattended installs with winxp and win2k for some time now

and would never want to go back. Recently got a free athlon motherboard

and fiddled for some time until I determined the floppy controller was bad.

I installed winxp manually but decided to ask on this forum if there are

any alternate methods to using a floppy?

I would prefer a method that doesnt require network access but

if that is the only way so be it.


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You can put your customized winnt.sif file in the I386 directory of your UACD. During setup Windows will look for the winnt.sif file on the floppy disk, then in the I386 directory.

I'm not sure if you can put the winnt.sif file on other removable media (like a usb flash disk), I've never tried it.

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Good luck buddy, the first one took me 8 hours to figure out, but as far as I'm concerned it was worth it.

seems everyone but me is now using nlite to do the dirty work, but I still script mine with batch files :thumbup

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yeah, when I don't use a floppy, I put the winnt.sif file in the /i386 folder, and put my software installs in the /install folder.

then I have to make changes to the scripting to point to the new locations.

if you don't know how to make the new cd, read the guide at http://unattended.msfn.org/global/finish.htm

I've been trying to make that kind of installation. I was reading some manuals and some posts. I would like to know to what part of the guide points the link putted by ^_^. When I click on it, nothing opens, I guess that this is because the main page changed since this post where wrote.

Does anyone now where that link points to?

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