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VMware 5.0 - What services did it create?


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I am a VMware 4.xx user & at one point I was able to see what services VMware 4.xx added & I set them from automatic to manual (so the program would start the services when the application was launched).

I was curious what services Vmware 5.xx adds to a windows machine so that I can keep my PC performance up. I do not use VMware all that often (once a week) so the constant loading of VMware 5.xx services is not what I need for my system.

Currently when I first start VMware 4.xx it takes a while for the program to load, the second time (before a reboot) it is speedy. I realize this is from the manual services that had to start the first time.

Anyway, what services should be set to manual in Vmware 5.xx?



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You can disable services (nat & co...) with the Network Settings in VmWare apps ... all other not modified ... because I don't realize my system was sloly ...


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It's OK to set "VMware Authorization Service" to Manual start.

Disable "VMware DHCP Service" and "VMware NAT Service" if you are only using bridged networking.

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