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Nero 7zip silent updated

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Only one remark: it's 'RunOnceEx', not 'RunOnce'!
Thanks! I corrected the typo.
Is it posible to make 7z file with languagepack included?


Hey Asta fantastic release & guide, good to see ya back here. Yours however is slightly heavier than VC's in fairness haven't fully tested both as yet.

that is true but I want to keep all the applications. I use Nero Quite a bit.

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Alright, I followed along and i got the right sized file... now what? Is there some way to have this on my windows XP disc and have it install for whatever user I create first?

Or for all users? What do you people do with these things after you create them?

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Based on my Internet searches for 2 hours, i conclude:


"Nero Enterprise version" - much COOLer than Ultra!

Because it have +6 features than Ultra.

But i`m too lazy to translate it from Russian.

They not too seroius but i like it :)

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