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Real-Life Zombie Video Game


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Yeah its for real, to you guys who dont know much about Derren Brown, please do check him out and find as much as you can about him.

The guy is just awesome.

He has such a knowledge about the way the human mind works he can do pretty much anything he wants with people, I suppose you could refer to him as a hypnotist in one sense but he can do so much more beyond that.

One thing you guys should definitely try to find is footage of this guy playing Russian Roulette. He had to pick one person out of a group of hundreds from all over the country through auditions etc, to be the second person to help him out. They weren't going to actually play it with him, what the second person did is load the gun for him, spin the chamber etc (The revolver was specially designed so that there was no way anyone could see what chamber held a bullet after the gun was loaded.) and then hand the gun to Derren.

He had to 'read' the other persons mind (for lack of a better bunch of words), to find out which chamber held the bullet. If he believed that the current chamber didn't hold the bullet he'd point the gun to his own head and pull the trigger thinking he was safe. When he'd come to what he thought was the chamber with the bullet, he'd point the gun away and shoot.

This was broadcast live over the UK and it was absolutely fantastic, it got especially tense when he discovered that the chamber he thought had the bullet didn't actually fire at all, and so from this he had kinda got it wrong (He'd already gone through about 2 chambers before), and after that it was so tense as he was actually stuck!

Luckily he didn't blow his head off lol :D

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The implications of that vid are that some governmental agency could snatch some unsuspecting person from where ever they wanted. The person would never know and would have been manipulated in whatever way the agency wanted. If what Derren Brown did is possible, the implications are very scary. What if someone figured out a way to do it through a streaming video? Have fun surfing dudes!!!


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