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Textless Setup Screen

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I've been editing my setup screen and come to a point that i want to remove a part of the text that appears...but i can't find where I can edit it...i've been through winntbbu and syssetup with no results...

Please see atached shot to see...


I believe that in English say something like "Installing devices...", the others are something like "Instaling Network...", "Installing Start Menu Components" and that...

Does anyone know what file to edit?

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@ IceBlackIce

No hay winntu.dll; winntu.dl_ Tiene editar WINNT32U.DLL o SYSSETUP.DLL

Busque "Installing Network" o otras y cambia en el idioma que prefiere.

Si qierre ningunas palabras, puede editar en esta manera " ".

Yo no se otro "file" para editar.

There are no winnt.dll; winntu.dl_ You should edit WINNT32U.DLL or SYSSETUP.DLL

Search for "Installing Network" or other and change to the language you prefier.

If you want without words, you can edit in this manner " ".

I don't know other file to edit.

Do not forget apply M O D I F Y P E !!!

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