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need help with errors

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i downloaded WPI latest version and

unzipped files, when i click wpi.hta

i got errors like


Char: 34

Error: Unterminated string constant


Url: file://e:\WPI\WPI.hta

Do you want to continue running scripts on this page?

there are two option yes or no

after i pressed yes, i got Message: 'ttSource' is undefined

File: main.js

Line: 126


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Okay did you try to download again?

This is the first time I have experinced an error right away and over 100,000 downloads of 3.5.1 so far. Did you perhaps nlite your windows source?

yes, i download again. you're right the proble of 3.51 is the lang.js files

i used 3.3 lang.js to instead of 3.5.1, and it works....very well

thanks you

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Perhaps, do you have "Disable Script Debugging (Internet Explorer)" checked in IE's Tools-->Internet Options-->Advanced set of features? That might turn the trick.

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