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  1. yes, i download again. you're right the proble of 3.51 is the lang.js files i used 3.3 lang.js to instead of 3.5.1, and it works....very well thanks you
  2. i have found the solution by myself it is the language problem all you have to do is change the lang.js with previous version then it will work and no errors coming up
  3. hey , nice dude, i know you will help me out.. cause you're such a nice and diligent person
  4. i downloaded from http://wpi.freeprohost.com/ with Version 3.5.1 (2005-04-21) By Kelsenellenelvian nothing changed, once i unzip the files and open it , i got errors here is the pics
  5. i downloaded WPI latest version and unzipped files, when i click wpi.hta i got errors like Line:160 Char: 34 Error: Unterminated string constant Code:0 Url: file://e:\WPI\WPI.hta Do you want to continue running scripts on this page? there are two option yes or no after i pressed yes, i got Message: 'ttSource' is undefined File: main.js Line: 126 main.rar
  6. Awesome job man, untill now i could not find any bugs.

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