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DVD-writer - how to choose

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see i told u lite-on wasnt all that good for dvd's

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see i told u lite-on wasnt all that good for dvd's

I, myself, have a Lite-On CD-RW drive and a Lite-On DVD±RW drive among others. I have been very satisfied with both drives so much so that I purchased another Lite-On DVD±RW drive for another machine. I've had numerous brands/models of optical drives over the years, and Lite-On is the only one that has inspired any sense of brand loyalty in me.

I must admit I'm a little confused by the bashing of Lite-On DVD±RW drives when in the same sentence folks will claim that a Sony is tops. I do remember reading from a reputable review site that some Sony drives were simply rebranded Lite-On's. What I don't remember is whether that comment was in regards to a CD-RW drive or a DVD±RW drive. Can anyone please clarify this? Does Sony release updated firmware more frequently than Lite-On to adapt the writer to new media?

I realize that a successful burn requires a good relationship or level of compatibility among drive, drive firmware, and media. In my opinion this compatibility seems to be far more an issue with DVD±R media than it ever was with CD-R media. Are others seeing a different result?

Like many people I am a bargain hunter and watch the advertisements for sales/rebates of media. For the most part I've found that I can get the cheapest DVD+R media at Office Max after a rebate. Usually this means that it will be Spin-X or KHypermedia. The Spin-X does not meet maximum error requirements to even be labeled a DVD+R, and the KHypermedia is hit or miss. Recently, I decided to up the money I was willing to spend on media and tried TDK 8x PrintOn DVD+R I found at a price club, Costco. The TDK's are excellent with a minimal error rate. Oh well, you get what you pay for is right.

Correction: I have several spindles of the TDK 8x PrintOn DVD+R's. It seems that these are actually rebranded from two manufacturers, MBI from India and CMC from Taiwan. The MBI's are excellent, but the CMC's are on the border of quality (as can be expected from CMC). The country of origin is the easiest way to tell these apart on the spindle label. The CMC's are going to be returned, today.

Correction to Correction: The MBI's are excellent at 8x, but the error rate increases a bit when written at 4x. The CMC's are the opposite. The CMC's are excellent at 4x, but when written 8x the quality is marginal. I suppose I'll keep the CMC's after all. I just have to remember to burn them at 4x. Geez, does this have to be so complicated!?! :}

I've found this to be very useful in determining test techniques and media recommendations:


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Unfortunately, I have to side with the people on the Liteon bashing :blushing:

Of all writers I've had problems with, its the Liteon drives - CD/RW, Combo & DVD-RW drives - and main problem has been recognising media in mainly all of my issues with them. 3 or 4 years ago, people used to say that were good and maybe the models before that *were* good, but alas, I can't recommend them at all.

Of course, if you have one and it works for you - great & I'm happy for you - just be aware that there are revisions and firmware installed with each model (no doubt hehe). And dont update it's firmware unless you really need to hehe

But where other drives read disc's (overall) no problem, the ones I've seen either take absolutely AGES to read it, or it just doesn't end up recognising it.

Also, one particular model of Philips caused me fun and games too - same sort of issues - one of them has died a while back and the other still works I think (not sure how long for) but it kinda put me off Philips ones (ironically).

Sony drives - tho I haven't seen many of them - has given me zero problems and maximum stability and performance. I doubt they are rebranded liteone ones, but i cant say for sure - they could be custom-made by liteon for sony and sony gives the model a rigerous test before they ok it's production lol (or something like that, I dunno lol)

I, myself, at home have a MSI one (not by it now so dont know the model) and although its sometimes doesn't recognise a media initially, a eject and put it back in and it usually works fine. I updated its firmware alot tho and it seemed to help it work better overall, but not having seen many of MSI's optical drives, I cant vouch for them.

I'd say, you may pay a bit more, but with sony, its gonna work and work well too :) (like with anything sony i guess lol)

There's LG & Benq (i know Benq relabel their stuff but their CD-r spindles of media work nicely and I've had a projector or two by them which has been good and worked well).

Just my two cents really, but to sum up, have a look at review sites of anything you are looking to get and see whats recommended there :) Its a safer way to do it, and also find online places that sell the item which have custommer ratings and comments (like ebuyer) - you dont have to buy from them of course, but its worth having a look to read the comments about the product :)



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I am going to buy NEC 3540

heard of my classmates that they are very good...

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I would recommend in buying a Benq 1620 or 1640. I was in the same position as you and didn't know what to buy. I spent a long time researching and reading reviews on the different models and finally decided to by the Benq 1620 and I love it. It has good quality burns and it doesn't have a problem burning on various media (even the cheap stuff). If you have a lot of questions, then I suggest going over to cdfreaks.com and reading more there. Try not to ask questions really about what brand to buy, but read the other posts. All the information you might possibly want to know is there.


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I make backups of my son's children's movies with my liteon 16X

I use super cheap DVD -R 8x from taiwan. no brand generic.

cost .12 U.S. cents

never have any problem playing it on my Philips 642 model DVD Divx Player.

I doesn't hurt that the distributor of liteon in my country is a friend of mine.

If i hv a problem i just send it to him and i get a new unit.

But that has not happen it.

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just buy a pioneer 109 or the most expensive NEC, best drives out there

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takes a special person do to a double post 30 mins after the first one :thumbup

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Here is a link for more info on DVD+R

DVD+R Alliance

(Who came up with these sites anyway?!)

There is no info site on DVD-R, I wonder why?

DVD-Ram is not popular

DVD-formats are

DVD-R: blank media in the - "minus" format one time use only 4.7GB (4.38GB)

DVD-RW: media in the - "minus" format, you may use it multiple times, by erasing the disk and rewriting it. 4.7GB (4.38GB)

DVD-R/DL: blank media in the - "minus" (dual layer) format one time use only, 8.5GB.

DVD+R: media in the + "plus" format one time use only 4.7GB (4.38gb)

DVD+RW: media in the + "plus" format, you may use it multiple times, by erasing the disk and rewriting it. 4.7GB (4.38GB).

DVD+R/DL: blank media in the + "plus" format (dual layer) format one time use only,


To learn more about the types of media click on the link below

Types of media 101

In the future most people will be using HD-DVD and Bluray which can support more


Another thing is one company came up with this see through media that is the size of

a postage stamp, it's transparent, and it can store more than a blank DVD media.

While another had came up a blank DVD that can go up to 1TB!

(I can't seem to remeber the site!)

But i've tried to burn the same data at 3.4Gb testing on

both the DVD-R and DVD+R. I like the DVD+R more than

the DVD-R.

Choosing a DVD-writer is a difficult task, by asking other you will get some options but, these options might not satisfied you.

For example: Some people like the brand names Nec, Samsung, and Plextor. And they say it is the best, while some might say these brand names products sucks!

When choosing a writer, first pick out a few companies you know and trust

such as Sony, Ricoh, Samsung, Yamaha, Nec, Plextor, etc...

-Another thing is think to yourself have you ever bought one of their computer products before?

-Did that product last longer than it's warranty period?

-The most important thing is support. What is the point of gettng a top of the line

product, if their support is full of crap.

When you choose a DVD-writer, do some research and read some reviews.

After doing the reseach and your ready to buy that DVD-writer, just go out and buy it.

Do not reconsider about price or another brand because if you do then you will

never be satisfied.

Lite-On CD-writer are good but as for DVD-writers, not really.

I've got a Sony Dru700A and it's the best.

In maximum pc magazine, it got a score of 9 out of 10 and a Kick a** award!

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