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mydocuments opening slow

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I am running win 98 SE and when I open a file from My Documents it is very slow or it stops responding. I can open the same file from the application, like Word or Excel and the file opens just fine. It only happens when I try to open the file directly from My Documents.

any ideas?

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from tools, folder options check "show hidden files and folders"

and see if "folder.htt" and "desktop.ini" always created every where u go

if so u might have that redlouf or something like that virus

this is not only applies for documents folder, it runs all over ur pc

is this slow thing runs in all of ur pc folder or just for "my documents" ??

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I already had show all files selected, and I don't see anything suspecious. I have run virus, and spy scans, no problems found.

The slow down is just in the My Documents folder. I can open several files in my "downloads" file, and I can open any of the same documents within Word or Excel with no problem, but if I open "my documents" and double click on a file usually the first one opens fine but a second file almost always opens very, very slow, or it locks up. I can ctrl,alt,delete and "my documents" is not responding.

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use 'Find' to find the desktop.ini for my docs (you won't be able to otherwise),

back it up then, then delete it.

make a new one with this in it -





InfoTip=Stores your documents, graphics, and other files.

edit the Iconfile= part to suit, 'Run' winfile and use it to make your new file 'Read-only' 'System' 'Archive' & 'Hidden'

this will stop windows recreating the file desktop.ini and parsing the contents of my docs every time you open it (apparently).

failing that tidy up, windows 9X will (apparently) slow down if there are high numbers of files in certain folders (the root of my docs and the roots of drives).

it's been a while since i mucked about with this theory so if this doesn't work you have my apologies

if it doesn't help any just reinstate the original :)

more info -



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I opted for another possible solution. I created a new folder moved all the word files into the new folder, leaving the excel and others in 'My Documents" Now everything seems to be opening just fine.


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