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    Miracle Cure I stayed up to 2:00am working on this dumb thing. I tried everything I could think of. I slaved it in with the hard drive, I replaced the data cable, I took out the sound card and left it out. I even tried to do a rescue boot with the windows floppy. Nothing worked. The computer could never see a cd in the cd-rom. This morning I put the new sound card back in hooked everything up as normal (although I did put the new sound card in a different pci slot) turned it on and it works perfectly. I was able to install the soundcard with the cd-rom, I have great sound and the cd-rom
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    I just installed a new sound card. I used the cd-rom to install the drivers. the sound card worked but after it was installed I can no longer read any disc in the cd-rom. I tried putting my old sound card back in and using a restore point. but now my old sound card doesn't work and I still can't read any cd in the cd-rom. I switched out two other cd-roms from different computers and none of them can read any cd in this computer. I checked devise manager and it identifies the cd-rom and states it is working correctly. I checked the bios and it finds the cd-rom just fine. This one is driving me
  3. I opted for another possible solution. I created a new folder moved all the word files into the new folder, leaving the excel and others in 'My Documents" Now everything seems to be opening just fine. Thanks.
  4. I already had show all files selected, and I don't see anything suspecious. I have run virus, and spy scans, no problems found. The slow down is just in the My Documents folder. I can open several files in my "downloads" file, and I can open any of the same documents within Word or Excel with no problem, but if I open "my documents" and double click on a file usually the first one opens fine but a second file almost always opens very, very slow, or it locks up. I can ctrl,alt,delete and "my documents" is not responding.
  5. I am running win 98 SE and when I open a file from My Documents it is very slow or it stops responding. I can open the same file from the application, like Word or Excel and the file opens just fine. It only happens when I try to open the file directly from My Documents. any ideas?
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