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Slipstream Office 2003 without Administrative Ins.

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Is it possible to slipstream SP1 for Office 2003 without doing an Administrative install first.

I want this since I don't want to define any variables (like the cd-key) on the cd, so it behaves completly like the original cd would have done?

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I have a much easier solution for you. All I did was simply create a batch file which calls upon the transform file that I created with the Office 2003 Resource Kit which is available for download from Microsoft.

The code looks like this:

cmdow @ /HID

@echo off

FOR %%i IN (D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) DO IF EXIST %%i:\CD.txt SET CDROM=%%i:

%cdrom%\setuppro.exe TRANSFORMS=Office2003Unattended.MST /qb

%cdrom%\Updates\kb842532.exe /q /r:n

%cdrom%\Updates\kb870765.exe /q /r:n

%cdrom%\Updates\kb873362.exe /q /r:n

%cdrom%\Updates\kb873381.exe /q /r:n

%cdrom%\Updates\ptk-kb873381.exe /q /r:n

%cdrom%\Updates\kb887982.exe /q /r:n

%cdrom%\Updates\kb890854.exe /q /r:n

%cdrom%\Updates\kb887980.exe /q /r:n

%cdrom%\Updates\kb885828.exe /q /r:n

%cdrom%\Updates\kb891067.exe /q /r:n

%cdrom%\Updates\kb892236.exe /q /r:n

%cdrom%\Updates\kb887979.exe /q /r:n

%cdrom%\Updates\kb892258.exe /q /r:n

You could also create an AutoRun.inf file which calls upon this batch file so that all you have to do is drop the cd into the drive and walk away :)

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You can use Setup.ini method with the Chained Install. Basically, you add a sections to setup.ini where you outline the updates you wish to install right after the main office installation. Something like


CmdLine=/update Updates\KB842532_mso-Binary-GLB.msp /qb

The advantage is that the office distro size is smaller (compared to admin install) and you don't need admin updates, just the client ones (they are smaller too).

I guess this method has been discussed somewhere in this forum. It'd be nice to add a guide to uA site. Russian version does have such a guide ;)


Setup Settings File

Setup Sequence of Events

Methods of Customizing Office

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Yeah, all well but I don't see the point an admin install is surely more  beneficial specially unattended is it not........

I don't agree with you on that one.

An administrative install might have the advantage that you can slipstream office updates into it, but you are not able to use Office Update for some updates when you have the cd. (I speak from experience).

Therefore, I started this thread, to see whether Local Caching was possible in an administrative install.

To make a long story short, I now use ohotfix.exe to install my updates after Office is installed and it saved me more than 1GB(!) on my unattended DVD (this includes: Office 2003 Pro, Proofing Tools and OneNote).

Furthermore, I am now able to update my Office without having to take my Office CD's with me.

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Yes I agree you cannot apply hotfixes to the admin install it has been previously covered. As I said & don't wanna go any further on the subject but I fail to see how this fits into the unattended category, maybe in applications or somewhere else??

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I know I but it in the unattended windows forum, but I don't want the installer to be unattended.

There just wasn't a forum that fitted better :(

You still can do this through setup.ini, but a batch script like the one posted by layzie2 may be easier.
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