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Disabling Components

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During the install I thought I edited my Components in my winn.sif file correctly so Windows will not install the following programs, but it didn't work: MSNexplorer, MSN messenger, and Outlook Express during setup.

Here is my Winn.sif, Do you see anything wrong or needed so I will be able to?

Great appreciation to all




























DefaultStartPanelOff = Yes

DefaultThemesOff = Yes


msmsgs = off

msnexplr = off

OEaccess = off


Profiles = WindowsFirewall.TurnOffFirewall


Mode = 0

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yeah seems to be hit and miss for my unattend installs too...

cant remember the last time it worked now...last time i managed to get those components not to install is after i used nLite to totally strip the components...

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Maybe The Order Is The Fault...I Mean u've put [Components] at the end of u're winnt.sif ..maybe at that time they allready got installed...i got the same probl. like u...i'll try now my way ...and be back...after a couple of hours..:D.. C`ya !

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Has anyone figured bfletch's problem out?

I'm experiencing the same issue: winnt.sif is processed except for the [Components] section. This is really bugging me, since the only reason I ever created a winnt.sif file was to prevent Messenger and other things like that from installing. I have no great need for a fully unattended install, so I created this minimal winnt.sif for my XP Pro OEM slipstreamed SP2 install CD:






I'm a complete newbie with unattended installs, but I've been reading a lot of posts and the guide here, and I still can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. My file is very definitely named "winnt.sif" and is in "I386" on my burned CD. XP appears to be processing it, since it turns off the firewall during the install, but all seven of the "components" I've listed remain installed for some reason.

Any ideas/suggestions are very much appreciated. Thanks.

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A few weeks ago, when looking for an answer to this very same problem, I came across a Microsoft KB article that mentioned something along the lines of the [components] section not being supported (i.e. it is ignored) in the WINNT.SIF file when starting up an unattended CD. It is only parsed when used in UNATTEND.TXT and called as a commandline parameter for WINNT32.EXE with the /u:UNATTEND.TXT switch. It is also supported in WINBOM.INI when used with SYSPREP.EXE.

I accepted that as fact and decided to do it the other way. I unpacked SYSOC.IN_, edited SYSOC.INF to comment-out (;) the lines of all components I didn't want installed, and then and repacked to SYSOC.IN_. This worked and I haven't looked back. Of course, it wouldn't be the first time a Microsoft KB article has been wrong so perhaps [components] *is* supported in WINNT.SIF. But I never got it to work and it appears I'm not the only one.

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keep in mind that the *Access (IEAcccess, OEAccess etc.) only dont create visible shortcuts to the programs but the programs are installed.

i have [Components] in winnt.sif under [GuiUnattended] and it works like a charm but that shouldnt matter as the winnt.sif is parsed completely at the end of the text setup and is not parsed step by step in graphical setup.

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I checked the official MS deploy file for any information about this and I found a long list with all programs that can be removed and I noticed one difference between the thing that you guys have been using and the commands that MS tell us to use. All services begin with a capital and perhaps this is why it's not working(i think that these kind of files are case sensitive).

Msnexplr = Off


msnexplr = Off

The space doesn't matter as MS uses it. Try it out and see if it works :hello:

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hmm i dont think so. in the windows world nearly nothing is case sensitive ;)

here's my complete list:


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then forgot what I said. :)



I'm pretty sure that these settings are case sensitive but, what I said was partially wrong. Check this out:


If it doesn't matter if you use a capital or low-case letter, then why does MS show us only a few of these programs with capitals and not all? This gotta´ mean something.

Another thing I noticed just minute ago.

[Components]Answer File = Unattend.txt and Winbom.ini

These are the words of MS so I guess that you guys that wanna use [Components] with winnt.sif are pretty screwed. I mean, if the deploy information file tells us to use this with unattend.txt, what else can you do if it doesn't work?

BTW, isn't Unattend.txt the same as Winnt.sif? I really don't understand this.

Although the answer file for Setup is commonly called Unattend.txt, for a network preinstallation you can name the file anything you like. For a CD-based Setup, you must name the answer file Winnt.sif.
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