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I have searched high and low, found a few links that lead to nowhere or put me in circles. Can anyone point me to where I can find TweakUI.msi??? Of course the .exe version is simple, but this seems to be a mystery, to me anyway Thank you.

I hope this is the correct section to post this.

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Hi, yes this is the correct section.

And for the MSI, its not a separate download anywhere.... There _was_ the MSI version previously. But now, I take it that you got the 147 KB downlad from here - MS LINK

I do it this way:

1. Extract from the setup file, using winrar.

2. Place "TweakUI.exe" in the System32 folder. (if you're doing it unattended, then the easiest way to do step2 is to put the file in "$OEM$\$$\System32\" folder tree, and it will get copied over to the right place.)

3. Now we need a way to call it, some sort of a "hook" into the UI. So use the below registry tweak:

;Show TweakUI at Control Panel

@="TweakUI XP"
"InfoTip"="Starts the TweakUI program which, allows you to customize advanced options and Settings in Windows to your liking"
@="Tweak UI

Do post back on how it worked, and whether you have any further queries..... :thumbup

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Thanks for the response, I did try to delete my first post but did not see how to do that when I went into edit mode.

I already do TweakUi the way you state above and it works great for my UA XPCD. Again, thank you for your detailed response.

The reason I wanted this MSI version was to add it to the WPI_3.5.1 CD I am creating. I wanted it as a choice to install under the PowerToys heading. The problem as we all know is that it will not install silently (the .exe version), which defeats the purpose. When I search I get many responses alluding to this MSI version but never seem to find it, same version number as the .exe.

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I have an msi thats also version 2.1 (i think this is the newest). However, installing it silently works but it wants to "see" the msi file the first time it starts :-(. I switched to your method now b/c its much easier - thanks :-).

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'Tis Good to hear that it worked fine :yes:

Also, I hope krwilson solved his WPI problem as well. I'm not sure how to have two actions carried out from one item check-box, but you could just check in the WPI forum about how to do that.

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Hi, sorry for the 1year + post but I am having the same problem and couldn't find a pack to ONLY install TweakUI (v or a way to make it install silently (I also have the 2.0.1 version which simply uses the /quiet switch but that's another deal).

From what I can gather I actually don't need to install it but rather simply copy it into the system32 folder?

If so, is there also a way to copy the shortcut?

(In short all I need is the relative path (like %WinDir% for C:\Windows) for "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs" so that I may add it in a self-extracting file and put it in a pack.

I find this to be easier and more clean cut that the $OEM$/$$ method...)

I don't know where or how to add the code you provided above... do I make a .reg file, I add it somewhere in a sif file... I'm somewhat lost.

any help will be greatly appreciated!

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i use <pathtofilename>\<filename>.exe /S /v/qn and that works a treat to be silently installed
Nope, already tried this, it doesn't work.

Ahh, this will work fine, I'd like to know how you did it though, I was trying to do the same thing (add a shortcut in the start menu actually and didn't know how, ended up manually adding it with a 2nd SFX (and finally activated both using a batch file, not very ellegant I know but it worked...)

Thanks, both of you!

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Your SFX has been delted from RapidShare, :( .

But anyways, Thank you, SOOOOO MUCH guys. I have searched every now and again for months, for the MSI and how people install silently the EXE. Thanks for this guide, now i can have it installed through WPI rather than manually. :thumbup:thumbup:thumbup:thumbup

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