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  1. How to make a basic WinPE 2.0 CD

    Thank you!
  2. I've checked them and learnt about that stuff, but it doesn't tell me how to access or use mini-setup or a very good explanation of it, jsut a brief description. Also do you just sysprep -factory it or syprep -audit and then reseal. Can this be used on systems with totally different HAL's and update them during mini-setup?
  3. Awesome they all work great. The wonders of being 13 yo.
  4. sorry if this is a stupid question but how do you use sysprep and what is mini-setup lol. I am a novice currently at this.
  5. How do you do that, i have searched high and low. Please Explain...
  6. How to make a basic WinPE 2.0 CD

    I downloaded it from Here. But now this link doesn't work.
  7. This is an HTA. It has JavaScript and VBS in it too so i would conside it Programming. This is my code: <HTML><HEAD> <TITLE>Install Applications</TITLE> <HTA:APPLICATION applicationname="Install Applications" maximizebutton="no" minimizebutton="yes" scroll="no" showintaskbar="yes" singleinstance="yes" Icon="%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe"> <STYLE type="text/css"> Body { font:10.75pt; font-family: arial, Verdana, Palatino Linotype; color:#E3E3E3; filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Gradient (GradientType=0, StartColorStr='blue', EndColorStr='#000000'); padding-top:1; padding-bottom:1; Text-Align:; } .Button { font: 8.25pt; font-family: Verdana, Palatino Linotype; color:#E1E1E1; font-weight:bold; Text-Align:Center; filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Gradient (GradientType=0,StartColorStr='lightblue',endColorStr='darkblue'); padding-top:1; padding-bottom:1; cursor:Hand; Height:19; width:93; border-left: 1px Transparent; border-right: 2px Transparent; border-top: 1px Transparent; border-Bottom: 2px Transparent; } .TextBackGround { font-family: arial, Verdana, Palatino Linotype; color:#1E1E1E; font-weight:bold; filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Gradient (GradientType=0,StartColorStr=#e2ded8,EndColorStr=#e8e2de; padding-top:1; padding-bottom:1; border-left: 3px none Transparent; border-right: 2px none Transparent; border-top: 3px none Transparent; border-Bottom: 2px none Transparent; font-style:normal; font-variant:normal; font-size:8.25pt } </STYLE> <script Language="JavaScript"> var Act = new ActiveXObject("Wscript.Shell"); var Fso = new ActiveXObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject"); /* CLOSE THE HTA -> */ function ExitThis() { window.close();} /* RUN BUTTON CHANGE TEXT -> */ function Button1ChangeText() { if (Install_Button.value =="Install Apps") {Install_Button.value ='Click 2 Install'} else {Install_Button.value ='Install Apps';}} /* CLEAR BUTTON CHANGE TEXT -> */ function Button2ChangeText() { if (Clear_Button.value =="Clear Text") {Clear_Button.value ='Clear All Text'} else {Clear_Button.value ='Clear Text';}} /* CLOSE BUTTON CHANGE TEXT -> */ function Button3ChangeText() { if (Close_Button.value =="Exit") {Close_Button.value ='Close'} else {Close_Button.value ='Exit';}} </SCRIPT> <script language="VBScript"> Dim strAlcohol120, strDVDDecrypter, strDVDShrink, strWB51, strAdAware, strAVG, strCC, strZLS '/-> TEXT BOXES SCRIPTS Function Install() strAlcohol120 = TextBox0.Value : strDVDDecrypter = TextBox1.Value : strDVDShrink = TextBox2.Value : strWB51 = TextBox3.Value : strAdAware = TextBox4.Value : strAVG = TextBox5.Value : strCC = TextBox6.Value : strZLS = TextBox7.Value : strRunScript = RunScript If strAlcohol120 = "" Then window.alert "Alert" & vbcrlf & "You need to fill in " & chr(34) & "Alcohol 120%" & chr(34),64,"Alert" document.getElementByID("textbox0").select ElseIf strDVDDecrypter = "" Then window.alert "Alert" & vbcrlf & "You need to fill in " & chr(34) & "DVD Decrypter" & chr(34),64,"Alert" document.getElementByID("textbox1").select ElseIf strDVDShrink = "" Then window.alert "Alert" & vbcrlf & "You need to fill in " & chr(34) & "DVD Shrink" & chr(34),64,"Alert" document.getElementByID("textbox2").select ElseIf strWB51 = "" Then window.alert "Alert" & vbcrlf & "You need to fill in " & chr(34) & "WindowBlinds 5.1" & chr(34),64,"Alert" document.getElementByID("textbox3").select ElseIf strAdAware = "" Then window.alert "Alert" & vbcrlf & "You need to fill in " & chr(34) & "Ad-Aware" & chr(34),64,"Alert" document.getElementByID("textbox4").select ElseIf strAVG = "" Then window.alert "Alert" & vbcrlf & "You need to fill in " & chr(34) & "AVG Anti-virus" & chr(34),64,"Alert" document.getElementByID("textbox5").select ElseIf strCC = "" Then window.alert "Alert" & vbcrlf & "You need to fill in " & chr(34) & "Crap Cleaner" & chr(34),64,"Alert" document.getElementByID("textbox6").select ElseIf strZLS = "" Then window.alert "Alert" & vbcrlf & "You need to fill in " & chr(34) & "Zone Alarm" & chr(34),64,"Alert" document.getElementByID("textbox7").select End If Set strScript = Fso.CreateTextFile("Install.vbs") If strAlcohol120 = "Yes" Then Act.Run("%Comspec% /C Alcohol120.exe /c /add"), 0, True End If If strDVDDecrypter = "Yes" Then Act.Run("%Comspec% /C DVDDecrypter354.exe /c /add"), 0, True End If If strDVDShrink = "Yes" Then Act.Run("%Comspec% /C DVDShrink32.exe /c /add"), 0, True End If If strWB51 = "Yes" Then Act.Run("%Comspec% /C WB51.exe /c /add"), 0, True End If If strAdAware = "Yes" Then Act.Run("%Comspec% /C ADAWARE.EXE /c /add"), 0, True End If If strAVG = "Yes" Then Act.Run("%Comspec% /C AVG71.EXE /c /add"), 0, True End If If strCC = "Yes" Then Act.Run("%Comspec% /C CCLEANER.EXE /c /add"), 0, True End If If strZLS = "Yes" Then Act.Run("%Comspec% /C ZLS.exe /c /add"), 0, True End If '/-> FINISHING SCRIPT strScript.WriteLine "Fso.DeleteFile(WScript.ScriptFullName)" strScript.Close call RunScript End Function '/-> RUN NEW SCRIPT AND THEN DELETE THE SCRIPT Function RunScript() : Act.Run("Install.vbs"), 1, True : End Function '/-> CLEAR THE TEXT BOXES Function ClearText() : TextBox0.Value = "" : TextBox1.Value = "" : TextBox2.Value = "" : TextBox3.Value = "" : TextBox4.Value = "" : TextBox5.Value = "" : TextBox6.Value = "" : TextBox7.Value = "" : End Function '/-> ON LOAD EVENT Function window_Onload() : window.ResizeTo 470,380 : TextBox0.focus() : End Function </SCRIPT> </HEAD><BODY><CENTER> <!-- TEXT BOX TABLE START --><TABLE width='95%' border='1' cellpadding='6'><TD> <!-- TEXT BOX 00 START --> <TABLE><TD Width='125'><B>Alcohol 120%</TD><TD> :</B></TD> <TD colspan="2"><Input type="text" Class='TextBackGround' size="36" name="textbox0"> </TD></TABLE> <!-- TEXT BOX 01 START --> <TABLE><TD Width='125'><B>DVD Decrypter</TD><TD> :</B></TD> <TD colspan="2"><Input type="text" Class='TextBackGround' size="36" name="textbox1"> </TD></TABLE> <!-- TEXT BOX 02 START --> <TABLE><TD Width='125'><B>DVD Shrink</TD><TD> :</B></TD> <TD colspan="2"><Input type="text" Class='TextBackGround' size="36" name="textbox2"> </TD> </TABLE> <!-- TEXT BOX 03 START -- <TABLE id="table1"><TD Width='125'><B>WindowBlinds</TD><TD> :</B></TD> <TD colspan="2"><Input type="text" Class='TextBackGround' size="36" name="textbox3"> </TD></TABLE> <!-- TEXT BOX 04 START --> <TABLE id="table6"><TD Width='125'><B>Ad-Aware</TD><TD> :</B></TD> <TD colspan="2"><Input type="text" Class='TextBackGround' size="36" name="textbox4"> </TD></TABLE> <!-- TEXT BOX 05 START --> <TABLE id="table10"><TD Width='125'><B>AVG Anti-virus</TD><TD> :</B></TD> <TD colspan="2"><Input type="text" Class='TextBackGround' size="36" name="textbox5"> </TD></TABLE> <!-- TEXT BOX 06 START --> <TABLE id="table13"><TD Width='125'><B>Crap Cleaner</TD><TD> :</B></TD> <TD colspan="2"><Input type="text" Class='TextBackGround' size="36" name="textbox6"> </TD></TABLE> <!-- TEXT BOX 07 START --> <TABLE id="table14"><TD Width='125'><B>Zone Alarm</TD><TD> :</B></TD> <TD colspan="2"><Input type="text" Class='TextBackGround' size="36" name="textbox7"> </TD></TABLE> <!-- TEXT BOX TABLE END --></TABLE> <p style="margin-top: 0; margin-bottom: 0"> </p> <!-- BUTTON TABLE START --><TABLE> <!-- RUN BUTTON START --> <TD Width='125' Align='Center'><Input type="button" Class='Button' Value="Install Apps" name="Install_Button" OnMouseOver="Button1ChangeText(),this.style.color='#330000';" OnMouseOut="Button1ChangeText(),this.style.color='#E1E1E1';" onClick="Install()"></TD> <!-- CLEAR BUTTON START --> <TD Width='125' Align='Center'><Input type="button" Class='Button' Value="Clear Text" name="Clear_Button" OnMouseOver="Button2ChangeText(),this.style.color='#330000';" OnMouseOut="Button2ChangeText(),this.style.color='#E1E1E1';" onClick="ClearText()"></TD> <!-- CLOSE BUTTON START --> <TD Width='125' Align='Center'><Input type="button" Class='Button' Value="Exit" name="Close_Button" OnMouseOver="Button3ChangeText(),this.style.color='#330000';" OnMouseOut="Button3ChangeText(),this.style.color='#E1E1E1';" onClick="ExitThis()"></TD> <!-- BUTTON TABLE END --> </TABLE></CENTER> <!-- Yzöwl TABLE START --> <TABLE><TD WIDTH='236' HEIGHT='47' Style='font:8.75pt;Color:"white"'><SPAN ID='Txt1'></SPAN></TD> <TD><FONT color="#E1E1E1" size="1.25">© 2006 Yzöwl. All Rights Reserved</FONT></TD></TABLE> <!-- Yzöwl TABLE END --> </BODY></HTML> Run it and you should see the error. Any suggestions in other aspects and/or neating/cleaning/tidying/fixing/more-effiecient-ing this script would also be much appreciated. TY guys.
  8. CMD File Help

    Change To TY. I fixed the file and they both work like a charm. Thanks for your help, mate!
  9. He is using . It's in his Sig.
  10. CMD File Help

    Thanks for all your help Yzowl & Gsm. Now here's my script: But i get this error: followed by this: (As you can see this is sized wrong). This only happens when I uncomment: Any Ideas?
  11. CMD File Help

    It only displays that message if all 3 boxes are filled in. Try to get it to work without all 3 boxes filled in. It will pass all the varibles to MakeScript() you have to fill in that part of the script. Sorry but I don't understand . All i want is someone to convert the Red part in CMD to a VBScript so I can use it.
  12. CMD File Help

    Thanks put it only display a Msg Box saying "Preparing Script" what i need it to do is take the Red stuff in the CMD and put it in the Red section in the HTA. But substituting the Variable names. Thanks, later days, .
  13. CMD File Help

    Thanks, but that is not what i need. I guess i wasn't specific enough. Please Let me explain everyting: I used the file Yzowl and GSM put together and tweaked it. Then i made this file: I then decided I wanted it in the same style as the HTA. So i modded it like this: The section in Red, is another section of the Script i Edited (more like purged) and doesn't work. I need the CMD section that is in Red to be converted to VBS to put in (i think). Substituting %USERNAME% with strUser, %PASS% with strPass, and %GROUP% with strGroup. Thanks peeps for all your help, .
  14. CMD File Help

    Can someone please convert this: to a VBScript Replacing: %USERNAME% -> strUser %PASS% -> strPass %GROUP% -> strGroup
  15. You Want to Change Your Username?

    Confirmed, TY, Myself.