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x64 Hacked Files list


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DisabledTrucker has sent me a package of patched files, and the HIVE modifications. I have posted these in the first post.

These files include:





I have not tested these myself, but will come Monday.

Thanks DisabledTrucker :thumbup

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Ok, I have tested the SFC hacked file, and it does work.

The TERMSRV file was removed from the package, because it doesn't work. Terminal Services won't even start with this file.

But I do want to thank DT for the other files.

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I have to say that the TERMSRV file worked for me but you have to modify the HiveSFT and HiveSYS files for it and the SFC hacked files to work. Also note I haven't updated them to correct for the latest versions as of yet, but will in short order as I'm currently redoing my x64 drive once again. As soon as I am sure that they work I'll post them somewhere and put up a link to them. I'm also going to make a striped down version of Kamil's Addons Pack to remove all the unnessary stuff that's in it and place the TweakUIx64 edition in the control panel where it should be. It will include the following:

* CabTool v1.8
* CMDOW v1.4.3.0
* Macromedia Flash Player v8.0.24.0
* Microsoft Calculator Plus v1.0
* ModifyPE v0.81
* TweakUI x64
* UPX v2.00

I have to redo the Media Center first as that's my top priority but as soon as I get it finished, I'll start working on this one and post the updated files. I have successfully installed the x64 system using those files on several different occaisions using NFMUpdatePack_v1.32_x64.cab and his DirectX update as well as the rest of his add-ons and the UXTheme patch works just fine as I can and do use Jemaha's Vista style for my destop using it. Once Siginet finalizes the latest Integrator, I'll create a cabinet file for both of these packs and post them on RyanVM's web-site for downloading.

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just a Q.

whats that about Nlite, i always use it. usualy i removed a few options like printerdrivers scanner drivers and modem drivers (as i dont use those devises or prefer to install from winupdate or the original driver cdrom),

for the rest i delete code pages of all but my own language and some smap aps like convert.exe (as i already use ntfs for all drives),

and i not ever, ever ever ever, had any problems at all, after this and using the twaek and patches like tcp and spfc and utxtheme

so i think that as long as your not bold (or stupid) or how ever else you want to call it, nlite can perfectly create a clean stable and desired system. at least it doesn't make you patch or remove anything you dont want.

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I've personally never had any luck with nLite it's never worked correctly for me, and I've tried every version nuhi's made of it since he released it. The only things I've found to work correctly with it is the integrator and it will patch the files for you to get past the SFC but afterwards when I've installed my operating system when using it, it's always given me some problems, so I would rather not use it and just do everything manually as I have been since I started doing uacd/dvd's. It's a good software for those who have luck with it and/or don't want to be bothered by doing it all manually, so don't get me wrong in believing that I don't like the software and the idea behind it is great, it's just not what I like to use since I can never get it to work right for me.

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Figured I'd bring this thread on over to the x64 forum.

List of files and where to get them:

WinXP x64 patched uxtheme.dll

WinXP x64 tcpip.dll patcher

DisabledTrucker's Patched files

List of files I'm looking for:

Any x64 versions of custom winntbbu.dll files (for those custom looking setup screens)

I've seen some discussions on termsrv.dll, but nothing yet on how to get concurrent conections enabled under XP x64, yet.

links dosent work?

can you fix them ?

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