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World jump day


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Man... some people really need to get things into perspective.

600,000,000 people * 80kg/person (yes, they're all fat people)

= 4.8 x 10^10 kg

Mass of earth = 5.98 x 10^24 kg

We're not gonna make a change here people...lmao....

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As for the tsunami... there was far more water moved there than there will be people...

As for colliding with the moon... it would still orbit around us. The orbit may no longer be circular (or roughly circular) and be highly elliptical if the change in Earth's orbit occurred quickly enough, but if that happened, then we'd be pretty screwed anyways, since our orbit would be highly elliptical... meaning we'd get seasons of extreme heat and cold.

We seriously don't want to be messing with the earth's orbit...

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