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Fileio - Rmdir


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Hi @ll,

Is it possible to remove more directorys at a time. For the moment i have to create a record for every single directory i want to erase.

So i have something like this a 10 to 20 times in my xml file :

<fileio-rmdir display="Ordner löschen" desc="Startmenüordner Löschen : Antispy" configs="NORMAL,NOSRV">



Is there a more convenient way to manage this ??

Thx for reply :hello:

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You could create a batch file that deletes all the dirs you want e.g

rd /s /q "%allusersprofile%\Application Data\Spybot - Search & Destroy"

then run that from xplode with

<execute display='Running Batch file'> <program>#SYSTEMROOT#\delete.cmd</program> <hide>true</hide> </execute>

replacing the file names and locations with your own

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Thx for your hint. That's exactly the way i manage it with the runonceex method. But i wanted to get away from all those batch files and thats why i passed to another unattended install type like xplode. Nevertheless thank you !

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