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Yes, the links are correct and you're the only person to report having problems.

According to whatcounter (a great download stats logger), I've had 340 switchless installer downloads in the few days my site's been on the MSFN servers. BTW, it's the same stats logging that nuhi uses for nLite. My plan is to have all downloads on my site being counted by whatcounter with the release the next update pack.

Also, there's a thing called the Edit button :rolleyes:

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the reason I asked if the link was correct is, that the link to he hot fixes points to http://ryanvm.msfn.org/updatepack.html

and the link to the Java installer points to http://www.whatcounter.com/dlcount.php?id=...iles/jre502.exe

I have no problem getting the hotfixes, but both ie and ff timeout trying to get the others

edit : guess whatcounter is down. can't get nlite either. and going directly to whatcounter , just gets the same page not found.

I'll try again later. Thanx

I appreciate all the work you put into this and Will make a donation

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Yeah, I was able to get nlite before with no problem.

Not sure if you just started using whatcounter, but I was able to use you site no problem before, it went down.

I'll try cleaning out both my cache and rebooting.

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Well I'll have to try again tomorrow or something.

I have removed my extensive host file, turned off all my filters on my router, and even completely disabled my software firewall.

Still can't connect to them.

Must be something between them and comcast.

I might try forceing an new ip to see if that helps.

But thanx for the help

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K I'm at 108.

Guess three are obsolete since u said at least 1 probally would be since u are now including windows installer 3.1 rc1 right?

Sure you will put a list of but if u want to see if we are the same u can see if u have time.

They are in order:


BTW ryan you never did fix ;)


Here it is if u lost it lol :P


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