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Setupparams + Xplode Xml File


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I got an error using XPlode with the SetupParams Section in my winnt.sif.

The log sayed the Xplode.XML can´t be found. BUT I don´t use the XPlode.xml :-(

; Install Programms & Hotfixes at Windows T9 Installation
  UserExecute="%systemdrive%\install\xplode.exe /sml:%systemdrive%\install\xplode_hotfixes.xml /log:c:\temp\Xplode_install.log"
  UserExecute="%systemdrive%\install\xplode.exe /sml:%systemdrive%\install\xplode_apps.xml /log:c:\temp\Xplode_install.log"

The log sayed:

>>> Log session start at: 2005/03/17 09:16:08


  Adding environment variables

      #XPLODE# = 'C:\install'

      #SOURCEPATH# = 'D:\I386'

      #SOURCEDRIVE# = 'D:'

      #VERSION# = 'XPlode 4.00'


      Error reading file: C:\install\XPlode.xml

>>> Log session end at: 2005/03/17 09:16:08

The Problem is...

How can I use the setupParams Section in the winnt.sif with the XML Files and logging...

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