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Big question on file formats.

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I am doing a presentation and I have found the perfect cover letter with an icon I would like to use.

I am using Printmaster Preimer.

Here is my problem.

After I make my cover sheet the page seems to have a *.let extension.I know the icon has a *.wmf extension origanally.I used the properties option in the PP program to see the file extension.

I think that is some kind of Microsoft file.

Anyway I can't move the page with the icon into my Word 2000 program.I want to then type all my presentation into onto this page with the icon in th upper right corner. But Word 200 doesn't recognize it.

Can someone help me with all these extensions and different formats.

How do I convert one format to another.

And what is a *.wmf and what is a *.let.

As you can see I can use a word program but icons and images are somewhat new to me.

Any help wold be great.

Thanks Brad


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