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Creating New Accounts & Changing Computer Name


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hi everybody!

I'm almost finished with my Xplode Installation now, but i still have the users part left. I've checked the forum and the documentation and I managed to write down the commands to create new user accounts, but i got one thing remaining though. How do I make these different accounts visible in the Xplode selection so that I can choose which account i want to add? Right now, there's just a box and an empty space to the right of it. I want to create a comment like "User1", "User2" and so on for each user.What command do I have to use to make this possible?

I tried using <execute> long with display and simply enter my comment in the "desc" part, but this on the other hand requires me to run a program.

I also wonder if anyone knows the command to change the computer name. Is this possible or do I have to create a new CD for each computer?

I'm using XplodeSelectInstall.

Thanks in advance!



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Here is a snippet from the sample XML that comes with XPLODE

<item display="» Adding users to #COMPUTERNAME#">

<addgroup display='Adding group "Cowboy Bebop"'>

<groupname>Cowboy Bebop</groupname>

<extra>/COMMENT:"It's them bounty hunters!"</extra>


<adduser display="Adding Spike">




<group>Cowboy Bebop</group>

<extra>/FULLNAME:"Spike Spiegel"</extra>


<adduser display="Adding Jet">



<group>Cowboy Bebop</group>

<extra>/FULLNAME:"Jet Black" /COMMENT:"When the black dog bites, he don't let go!"</extra>



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