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Wpi For A Braindead Child.

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First off I want to appologize. I realize my question have probably been asked a million times. If this is the case can o moderator merge this with the proper topic and still help with assisting me

I have never played with scripts before so obviously I definately a newbie (**** I hate that term).

1: what are all the scripts that you have to modify?

2: when adding your apps say persay from a cd do you just copy the contents into the $OEM$/$1/Install/Applications/Your App here. or do you have to do something withit such as make an image/compress.

what if an app needs a verification number/serial will setupmgr create the necessary file or do you have to make a reg file?

Although your method is really fantastic i still have trouble with it. the switches and all.

What I really wanted to do was to combine the winxp/sp2 with personal favorite apps and also create the cd to have a similar theme as on the WPI Forum.

Are these two situations created on separate CDs (Winxp_SP2_withApps --- WPI(Windows Post Installer)custom installer

And one to create a WPI for just a collection of 100+ small games.

I'm just clueless, I was hoping you could help.

Is there a more indepth sample on your hands perhaps that I may be able to look at and modify it to what I need?.

I have Winxp with sp2 streamlined along with all the apps I need. Including Office 2003

.net framework 1.1

Java 2 Runtime Enviroment

Numerous Powertoys

Graphic apps (mainly what I use on a day to day basis)

Small Games


There is just got to be an easier way I have all that I need but I have never messed with scripts/Java/coding whatsoever. But I believe the 2 separate ideas are fantastic and would like to implement them. So that whenever I have problems with my sys. all I have to do is throw the CD in and thats it.

Any Help or ideas would be grately appreciated.


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Astlavista i did realize that there are numerous post. I have read them all I thought my request was straight forward. And as suggested merge with anoth post if required. I have not coded ever in my life so I was sincerely asking for help. I realize I only have 5 post but I found your responce quite rude. If you did not want to help so be it. If your tired of the subject fine then ignore the post. There are people the really want help. Not to come on forums for a free ride or for illegal downloads. I found that ?(hasi's WPI) was ingenious and want to do somesome not only to learn but I format my drives constantly because the kids download too much junk. Obviously there is at least one person that gave a response to read the comments within the individual scripts. You could not even do that you just had to be rude to someone new on the board. If it weren't for the fact that I do read all the post and find numerous topics informative. I would make not in that this forum sux, but it is not the forum or the members it is you. Thanks for no help whatsoever Astlavista!!

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Hi guys.

Come on. Stop fighting. We all work on the same thing.

So this is a 'where do I start from' question, I think. I have to admit that Astalavista is right. There's a lot of inforation in this forum, and it anwers this kind of questions fully - BUT - it's hard and takes a very long time, to search and read and ...

I know - WPI's lacking some sort of 'WPI for beginners'-documentation.

So where to start. First: the WPI home page (see my sig) - there's some information there - but it won't answer your questions exactly.

Download WPI and start it. See the two buttons for options and config ?

Options controls WPI-specific behaviour. Config lets you define the apps, you want to install through WPI. It comes with a selection of sample application configs which let you see, how configuration is done.

The configuration is stored in a file called config.js in one of WPI's folders. It's a text-only javascript file. You can open it with any text editor (yes - even notepad does it)

WPI was originally designed to be run in unattended installs, but at its current state, it can be run as some sort of autorun from a CD too. The most important thing is, that the paths in config are correct. For this, you can use ie %cdrom%/...../install.exe as a cmd. Note, that it can be tricky to run installs from CD, when there's more than one CD-Rom drive (I thing that WPI take the first one - though I'm not sure).

For using WPI as autorun, you have to search the forum - sorry.

To see how it all should be setup for unattended install, see the WPI homepage.

So - it's no problem to make a XPsp2 Unattended Install CD and put the most important apps on it and install them through WPI(DVD's even better -- more space - more apps), and another CD/DVD with not-so-commonly-used applications and use WPI as some sort of autorun.

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Thank you Hasi for your reply. As for your installer I think it is sweet. Now that I see the response whether it was right from Astlavista or not. It discourages new members that are interested in aquiring knowledge to sit here and ask. True I may not know a lot that is why people ask questions, however; if this is the response that I or anyone is to get it may be better to stay the way I was doing things since at least that I know how to do.

Again thanks for your response.

The most important thing is, that the paths in config are correct. For this, you can use ie %cdrom%/...../install.exe as a cmd. Note, that it can be tricky to run installs from CD, when there's more than one CD-Rom drive (I thing that WPI take the first one - though I'm not sure).

Yes I remember a couple of post inquiring how to do this when they had more then one drive.

So it is not that I do not read. I just read too much and therefore it was easy to get confused when you had never done anything of the sort.

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:P I hv helped thousands of people at MSFN with my guides that i have written. Just take a look at my sig.

Nothing Ventured , Nothing Gain. If you can't understand or u dont want

to take the time to read that is not my fault.

Regardless if you are a new or old member you are expected to take

the time to READ and use the search function. It has nothing to do with

post count. I dont really care how many post i make anymore. The

true goal is helping people that really need help. Those that obviously

have read but still having issues. Issues that arise due to systems differences and incompatibility. Or sometimes i hv a typo in my guide or something like that. As i hv written before. The value of a member is not measured by his post count but rather his contribution to MSFN.

I would love to help u. As i was about to. But i am extremely busy

with my own Server, and Forum. I read through about 8 hours of documenation on forum and hosting yesterday. Before i even posted

a single question. So in closing if u dont like me that is fine with me.

I am off to Bali tomorrow for spear fishing and scuba diving. I certainly

wont be thinking of you. LOL

Hasi thanks for the backup.

S0mE0nesMiNd1 has given u a good start try it out.

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  • 3 weeks later...

hhmmm... i do respect the views of both gentlemen after reading the post. i can understand the viewpoint of the new comer and also the view of Astavista, however, giving a simple answer like "Sir.. this has been asked already, kindly search the forums" is a lot more polite and helpfull compared to being rude. i myself is a moderator of some forums and i do it for free, no gain or whatever is involve but merely helping people out there, as a moderator one must realize that the number of forums could make the search difficult to yield results and the best way for a *Braindead Child* is to ask anyone even if the question has already been asked. i can appreciate Mr. Astavista expertise and how busy he is, all i can suggest to him is... if he is too busy to provide answer especially to the people who are a noobie better not to answer it at all, that will at least avoid problems. In my moderated forums it is very hard to avoid redundant question especially if the user is somewhat noobie and all. The very best i can do is to its either ignore the question or answer it politely.

well... that's my 2 cents :)

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