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What Is The Earliest Wpi Can Berun?


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I've been using WPI for a while and I like it. The thing I dont like now is I'm using a DVD that has a ton of programs to install from. The installations work perfectly.

Heres my problem. I put in my UA cd and boot the computer using whichever winnt.sif I need on floppy. Then I leave and come back later and I choose which programs to install and then I come back later and it works.

OK I KNOW Its Windows POST Install. But the GUI on it is sweet and It would be awesome if I could use that gui at some much earlier point to choose which programs, up to 2.5 gigs worth, I want to install. I know I'm lazy. But then I wouldn't have to be home an hour after the windows install to choose which programs to install.

I know I could use a cmd or runonce to install the programs but then I'd have to have tons of differently configured start.cmds.....you see my problem.

Am I dreaming. Can I forget putting in the disk, choosing the programs and coming back 3.5 hours later with my desktop ready for work?

Again, this is probably not what WPI is for, but the gui man, the gui. Its hard to enough to get my partner to remember which winnt.sif file to use.

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Why don't you just leave it the way it was designed to work? Run the wpi.cmd from your winnt.sif Guirunonce section and have all the programs you want installed set as default for WPI. Then set the timer to say, 30 seconds and go to the bar You come back and all is installed.....

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