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.NET framework from %cdrom%.


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Thx astalavista  B)


Why dont you dont create a DOTNETFX folder and put your .net files in?

Or in the $1\"folder that you use for you installation"

Good luck!... you got the /switch from my first post

nope i am not using your switch since i am using a 7zip method not the same sorry

we are using MSI to install.

switch is /qn

I'll test it later today. Just had a look at it, does it matter that %programfiles% is not called Program Files but Programfiler in Norwegian?


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%programfiles% = C:\Programfiler

Why I am asking is because i see there is a dir inside your 7zip called Program Files. I never worked with 7zip before, so i dont know if it matters, but if this means it is extracting to C:\Program Files -that is wrong.

Just a thought ;)

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