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Adding Mass Storage Drivers to PE?


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oops... helped if I specified the path where to dump the sys files:




when prompted to overwrite, just overwrite only if the file is newer. Some of the sys files in this pack are old and the ones in WinPE 2004 are newer.

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basically it's just an collateral effect of using as source an uA CD with Bâshrat's packs. you only need the txtsetup.sif entries plus the necessary controller sys files on your i386\system32\drivers dir

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@muevelonyc: btw, i did not see txtsetup.inf, instead, i saw txtsetup.sif and i edited that instead (but it gave me errors of missing files)... care to clarify what files to edit? thanks a bunch. :)

also, when i extracted the BTS' mass storage driverpack, there were a couple of files having the same name... should i just overwrite some duplicates? thanks.

i would like to clarify the steps you outlined... coz im a bit confused :blink::blushing:

- so, first, decompress the BTS mass storage and isolate all the *.SYS files

- copy all the *.SYS files to the i386\system32\drivers or minint\system32\drivers folder

- paste to add the codes you posted to the txtsetup.inf (or is it the txtsetup.sif) file



now i realized what was wrong...

there were actual missing files to the code that you posted... and these are...







what i did is rem'ed out all the lines you posted that contains references to these files. after that, bartpe booted from the cd normally.

anyways, i used the latest version (as of this date, its 5.03) of BTS' mass storage driver pack. i've also attached a file that contains the entry to be added to the txtsetup.sif file that corresponds to BTS' mass storage driver pack... just paste that at the end of the txtsetup.sif file that BartPE creates.

please feel free to comment if what i did is safe to the functionality of the cd.


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WinPE's own driver load process isn't really rocket science -- take a look at winpeoem.sif in %winpedir%\system32. Just throw your driver package into a directory under %winpedir%\system32\ (make sure the default entry in txtsetup.oem is the one you're looking for) and add that directory entry to the last section of the .sif file.

It will load your drivers & you don't need to go mucking with txtsetup.SIF.

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So will this also work for integrating these mass storage drivers into an existing windows xp install CD?

That way windows setup will have all these drivers available during installation without having to put in the txtsetup.oem floppy during setup.


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