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motherboards, cases, and building your own desktop


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didn't u say u hv a 19' lcd? was that lie?

why go for a 17 when u can go 20' for 509 from dell 16ms?

i dont want to sound to hard but u dont know how to buy stuff.

all your stuff are from newegg. which is a expensive mail order company.

well it is your money. but not a smart shopper at all.

$1250 off and free shipping on the loaded top of the line

Dimension XPS Generation 3 Desktop P4 550 3.4Ghz, 1GB DDR2-533 Memory/250GB Serial ATA HD, 16x DVD, 16x Dual Layer DVD Writer, ATI X300 PCI Express video card, Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS, XP Home SP2, 3 yr warranty $2446 - $1250 off coupon = $1196 shipped free.

if anything should happen to your dell in 3 years they just give u a new one.

your funny. u can still buy your samsung 17' and u would still be ahead

compared to your canvas from newegg. cuz the dell has better specs.

except for the video card. which u can upgrade just ask them now much.

so funny... my god

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I agree with Asta.....unless you have access to true wholesale prices, you are crazy to build your own computer. Dell is not my favorite brand but thier top end systems are every bit as good as anything I've seen you list in your pricing range. The XPS system is actually very upgradable as well. I build computers for a living and I can't touch that price from Dell....I wish I could but if I priced my stock that low I'd make less that 1 percent on each system!

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