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Regardless of what you may think, this error message is SIMPLE. VERY VERY Simple. Its saying there isnt that file at that directory. So it can only be one of two things:

1) Your Winnt.sif doesnt have OEMPreinstall=yes (A common error for nubbies like yourself). Which means the $OEM$\$1\Office2003 Folder would not be coppied over in the first place.

2) Simple mistake, and you didnt put it in the right directory, didnt spell the setup file right...or something of that sort.

Those are the ONLY two things it can be. Both easy to check. Make sure your directorys are EXACT....copy and paste if needed. Also, for your batch file, I suggest you add @echo off to the top to make it look nicer. Good-Luck

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ok...so can u tell me in which part of winnt.sif should i had that oempreinstall=yes??

and, on replies above, i posted my winnt.sif and batch file. what's the right folder to put the batch file please??

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