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Plz i need download "XPlode"

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As you may or may not have noticed, downloads have been removed from the site. This is because of these reasons:

Stupidity on some user's parts

Legal issues related to those incompetent people

From now on XPlode will have a license (I know, I know, should've been done sooner) that explains how it can be used, and by whom.

As for the next version, expect one late January, early February.

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Hi Wraith,

I've been using Xplode 1.1.2 and its been working flawlessly for me, I've been waiting for trying out your new xplode version, which seems to be non-downloadable at the moment. :(

was hoping that i would get to try it.

let me know if there's a way to aquire it for testing :)


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Can someone delete the above post?

If people link directly to it I *will* start requiring people to email me.

The download counter is there for a reason.

Been there, done that ...

Greetings to the Man Down Under !!!

(If I could delete it, I would ... Alanoll?)

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Things are getting too complex around here because of a handful who won't play by the rules...

GM's XPCREATE, BtS driver-packs (both difficult to download), and now XPlode?


Notice to all:

Also, please post XPlode related questions in the XPlode forum, so that handicaps of the sort witnessed above don't happen again. Atleast if you post there, inappropriate posts can be taken care of by Wraith himself.

Now I guess this topic has no purpose anymore, but I don't believe in closing topics indiscriminately, so....

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