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Hosting your own web server..

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Hi there, does anyone know any good places that has info on hosting your own webserver, some guy asked me if I could set it up. They have have like 8 computers on a network with T1. I'm sure I could do it with a little bit of info and what tools to use, since I have allot of experience with networking and webpages...

Thanx for all your help!

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Basically if you want a free and powerful server go with Linux. I prefer Debian Linux :) (if you do get it, you should only download the 1st cd)

Once you get it running, you need to install the components (as root) with the following:

apt-get install apache

apt-get install php4

apt-get install mysql

apt-get install ssh

Then you just put your files in /var/www and you have a web server. Make sure you disable XF86 since its just a memory hog if you are running a server.

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Thats probably because you downloaded some "All in one" version of Apache, go to http://www.apache.org and download the latest win32 binary, then you put your files in c:\program files\apache group\apache\htdocs\

AnalogX SimpleServer is a simple server as it suggests, and probably would not handle any size of a website, would not recommend running anything on it as it is probably very buggy and has many security problems (or at least according to their change long :)).

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Apache 2 + PHP 4.3 + Mysql 4. To configure php with apache just add these lines to httpd.conf in your apache folder.




#Start PHP

LoadModule php4_module "Location of php4apache.dll(If you are using apache 1) or php4apache2.dll(if you are using apache 2)"

<FilesMatch ".*.(php4|php)$">

ForceType application/x-httpd-php


#End PHP

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