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Deleting folders after being hacked.


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Hey guys..

My job has just been hacked. We found the source of the prblem, but we cannot delete the invalid bogus folders that the people created. We have tried to delete them in 100 ways with no luck. We tried uninstalling IIS (which was how they got in and now we know why it happened) but that didn't work. We tried a utility that's designed to delete bad folders but that didn't work either. I can go on and on....

Our server is a Windows 2000 Dell Power Edge 2400SC, 3.2GHZ, 1 Gig of RAM. Basically we got what they call Tagged. If anyone knows how to solve this or has any ideas please let me know. And if you guys need anymore info, I will be glad to supply it.

Thanx in advance.

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I have had some dodgy .exe files in the past, couldnt delete them for some reason, but i did get rid of them by renaming another .exe with the same name as the bad file and the pasting into the same folder the bad file was in, just replaced a bad file with a good one and then they were fine to delete.

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