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logitech cordless click plus unattended switch ?


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are there people who have a logitech cordless click plus mouse

and have it installed unattended ?

or can someone help me with a switch or autoit script ?

i do not no the install type and the universial switch finder cant find one either

i'm a little stuck...

thanks in advance..

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Download the SetPoint software 2.14 from the Logitech Homepage.

Then you extract it to your Cd folder with WinRar.

Now it's Installshield installer. So make a setup with the -R switch and get the setup.iss from the windows folder and put it into the installer folder. Then just start the installer with

Setup.exe -s -f2"%systemdrive%\Setpoint.log"

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Works Perfectly here.

the only thing that does not work are the settings...

in my normal day pc, when i start logitech\settings

i can change things.. speed and so on

in my unattended i only get the screen that says EXTRA

But i think thats becausse of Vmware..

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