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Server 2003 Service Pack 1 Release Candidate


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Initial projections had said mid-2005.

But remember its MS you're speaking about, so you never know..... (SP2 for XP got delayed by a year :P). In fact, this (SP1 for ws2k3) itself is a delay - it was originally supposed to be out earlier.

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This is cool!

SP1 madness begins. :w00t:

This is where Server 2003 SP1 will have a home (sort of):


Go there for accessing any technical details (all info :P) regarding it.

Changes to functionality in SP1

SP1 Technical product overview


What hot-fixes are included in the latest RC ?

Top 10 Reasons to Install Windows Server 2003 SP1

And security configuration wizard in RC1 looks good!

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sp1 went on fine for me B)

Compared to the huge folder of induvidual updates I have collected in preparation to patch future installs, it seems very worth while, even if it is only a beta/early release/whatever you want to call it.

Though the odd problem might happen once in a while :whistle:

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Installed ok for me, but my adsl speeds seem to be have affected badly. On my 512k connection I usually get around 478-480 Kbps down. With SP1 installed I'm generally getting less than 400 Kbps down.

Removed SP1 and speeds returned to normal. Installed it again for a 2nd time, and the same symptoms.

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The merging of hot-fixes into base sources - that's indeed a main reason why I like WS2k3 SP1 (even if its still in RC).


Two probable reasons for your problem:

1. Slip-stream SP1RC1 into your CD, and do a fresh install, and see if its fine now.

2. Or its the TCPIP max-half-connections limit affecting you - that can be patched to get back pre-SP1 style unlimited connections.

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Ok, found the problem. On a normal 2k3 without Sp1, with an MTU of 1478, I'd get a default Rwin of 17256 without any TCPWindowsize setting in the registry.

With Sp1 installed, the default was set to around 65000. After adding a 17256 TCPWindowsize to the registry speeds are back to where they were previously.

With regards to the TCPIP max-half-connections limit, does anyone know whether SP1 RC1 is affected by this? I downloaded lvllord's TCPIP.sys patcher. When I run the program though, it tells me the current limit is 600.

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