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Where do I get WinPE from?


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Downloading WinPE would be illegal. And forum rules say warez is out of bounds. Hoping the below info would help, atleast.

In the right path, it seems you need to buy an OEM "pack of three" of Windows XP Pro to get a WinPE add-on CD. Its not available for purchase separately either. (correct me if this is wrong)

Yep, MS has placed that control deliberately - because WinPE is basically what its name says (windows pre-installation environment) and only those who buy multiple copies of the newest desktop OS would need ways to have an easy install.

Detailed MS page

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bart has a new version 3.1.2


Change log 
# PE Builder changes (from v3.1.0 until v3.1.2)

Changes to pebuilder.exe:
- Fixed a bug when adding some network drivers. PE Builder did not find the
 device sections when the Version/provider string is not equal to the key
 listed in the Manufacturer section. Fixed.
- The "ISOduplicatesonce=1" option in the input.inf did not work, fixed.

Changes to pebuilder.exe:
- The "-exit" command line parameter did not work, fixed.

Changed items:
- Updated plugin\ultravnc. Some small changes and fixes. Added the
 ultravnc.htm file.

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