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I just started on this whole unattended install, and have gotten most programs to install. I need a few more switches/scripts, and I should be done with the program part (onto tweaking) B) I need a switch or script for...

  • Nvidia NVDVD
  • dBPowerAmp Music Converter
  • Soulseek
  • Google Desktop Search
  • Gmail Notifier (Made by Google)
  • And the dreaded Panda Titanium 2005

Plz dont flame if these proggys switches are already listed, I tried searching high and low, but found nothing :(

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Like always, you guys should first start off here: http://unattended.msfn.org

All the common ones are there....That fails...Use the search function and search throughout the application switches forum. All else fails, use instalrite or another kind of helper. Learning AutoIT is VERY VERY important to accomplishing ANYTHING. Let me tell you, once you learn it, you will LOVE it. No more requesting EVER, you can do your own INSTANTLY.

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12. Very often we see meaningless subjects in topic title. They give no clue of what the posts are all about. For example:

- Oh no!

- Help

- I'm mad

- Please help

- Question

- I need your help

- Hmmmm ....

This should be avoided. Users should enter something more specific in topic title so that it is easier for others to help.

A few good examples:

- Strange problem with DirectX9b redist

- RunOnceEx install problem (double installation)

- Change Internet Explorer's Icon back to default

welcome to msfn btw :) check the application switches threads/forum too :)

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Gmail Notifier and Google Desktop Search.

xxx.exe /S

(click the links below)

SoulSeek (what Version?)


dBPowerAmp Music Converter

Hint: Go to Google and try this Search string

"Software Name" + "Silent Install"

if it is a very popular program it will come up :)

Hint2: You hv to learn the different Installer Packages. (Wise, Inno, InstallShield & etc.)

Hint3: Application Switches Kind of a hard read bec. there is so many pages. So check out

hint1 and hint2 before u go here.

As MCT said Welcome to MSFN.

P.S. pls. ask one of the moderators to change the title of your post.

Some of the applications u mentioned HAS not been discussed before. I made a search for it.

So the only thing u did wrong was mis label your Title. No worries it is your first time.

We all make mistakes. You will find 99.9% of the MSFN member are helpful. :thumbup

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Your post is very inhuman for a fellow member who has only posted once or twice. Trying to force Autoit onto fellow members is not very polite either. Please show some respect and understanding.

Welcome Protoss.

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Thnx guys...As I said, sorry if I have posted duplicates. Thnx for posting and not flaming even if I did want a switch that was easily found :rolleyes:

And to battleangel3222, I have played with AutoIT and cannot follow that guide as I am making my CD with Xplode B)

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I think nvDVD is install-shield-based installer - so follow the steps given for that in the guide.

The google apps, try the standard switches on them - you'll come across a number of switches in the guide - so try each one of them and you'll find which one works.

As for the other progs, I think its already answered by astalavista. Do post back on how your unattended install is progressing! :thumbup

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MHz -

Unless battleangel's post has been edited...I didn't read it as "inhuman" just excited...hehe but thats me. :)

Protoss -

hmm not sure why you wouldn't be able to use AutoIt while doing your Unattended based around Xplode. Tho I haven't tried it my self...but as long as you have basic GUI fuctions you should be able to use a compiled AutoIt script.

Also you might want to look into using this [link] to help find switch's.

Radimus -

MSI's are nice but they are hard to share with out using up a lot of bandwidth. :)

Also its my understanding one can excute thier install file from the script like so:

Run ( "installer.exe" , "" , @SW_HIDE )

And have the whole thing hidden...tho I haven't played with this...hell a lot of things far as that matters...heck MHz showed me some cool stuff the other day thats changing the way I do scripts.

Tho I think the 2 main turn offs most people have with AutoIt is 1 learning curve...which really isnt' that bad with as many examples as we currently have, and secondly time involved it can range any where's from 15min to 1 hour to make a good script, with every thing tweakable....tho 1 hour is normally only when you hit some sort of wall and need to do some trick coding. How ever I've spent 8 working hours on one script...but I was working on making some new fancy code. ;)

MSI's are faster to do tho 5-15min.

Any ways...not picking any fights just making some comments is all. :)

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Your post is very inhuman for a fellow member who has only posted once or twice. Trying to force Autoit onto fellow members is not very polite either. Please show some respect and understanding.

Welcome Protoss.

Where do you get inhuman out of that? I gave him advice. AutoIT is the best solution for ANY app just so you know. Its simple because it does not involve repackaging, it can do just about anything before and after the installation and customize installations in any way. Im not trying to 'force' anything on him. The problem is theres no switch, the best solution is AutoIT, why dont you show some respect and come up with something better rather than criticizing my advice smart one.

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battleangel -

Relax :)

MHz does know all about AutoIt trust me...matter fact he showed me some trick stuff the other day.

MHz is pro AutoIt, he just doesn't preach it as the be all end all. :)

I would guess that MHz read stuff into your statement probably because of some post you made the other day...which I guess ruffled some feathers...I don't know what was said or why...just that there was some sort of dispute.

Any ways let it slid :)

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