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WinRAR SFX Archive + Password


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Hi everyone!

I've created a SFX archive using WinRAR 3.41, that includes password and encryption.

I need to run it in silent mode during a setup that I'm creating.

The problem is, I don't know what switch to use... Assume my SFX archive called mysetup.exe and the password is 12345.

What command switch should I use?... : Mysetup.exe -?

BTW, if you don't understand the logic, I made a setup program using Multimedia Builder (a GREAT software, BTW!), and it uncompressed all integrated files before running the setup itself... therefore, these files are accessible easily, but I want them to be accessed with password confirmation (part that executed during the setup itself), so I thought of compressing the file in WinRAR password-protected SFX Archive... but as I said, I don't know the command to you in setup to run the SFX SILENTLY, including the required password.

One more thing to mention, the SFX password is not the same password requested during my setup!

Please help me (Suggestion of other ways are welcome too...)! :unsure:


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Try running the sfx with the switch /s or -s and see what happens.

It asks for a password, of course!

I need to run it in silent mode, with provided password, during setup only...

Outside the setup, it should and must ask for password!

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I just got a reply from the support team of WinRAR, telling me that there is no such switch to provide password in silent mode... :}

There is a chance that it'll be possible in later releases...

Someone has an alternative solution for me?!? Anyone...?!? :huh:

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Yeah AutoIt would probably be your best bet if this is some thing thats likely to be updated fairly often....other wise you could simply extract the contents of the SFX file and repackage them....so that there is no password on the file and so it installs silently by default.


Updates Often = AutoIt

Updates Rarely = Repackage

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