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Name of a old movie?

Jose Sigafus

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:( I didn't know where to post this, but I need help. I saw a movie about 8 years ago and can't remember the title (I'm over 60 and memory is fading). It was like "The Boys From Brazil", but was about a secret world wide organization of Nazi war criminals including the camp doctor. The doctor was suppose to be the son of one of the camp doctor's but in fact was the original doctor who had prefected a way to make all of the wanted people younger. Members come to his clinic for treatment in a well guarded castle in europe. A group of CIA people are trying to find out if theis organization really exists. Much mystery.

Please help if possible.

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check over at forum.doom9.org a lot of knowledge over there , its more about backing up etc , but psot in the general section and you should get some answers. i think you have to wait a few days after you sign up to post so sign up asap and if all else fails you have a alternative.

Hope this helps , good luck on your search ;)



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