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Windows XP Unattended CD SlipStream Plus


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I have created a program that should help some newbie's enter into the unattend cd arena. While it will not do it all. No program can cater for that. This should help to some cause. But anyone's opinion's on improvement are welcome.

This is based for an unattended, user account made, runonceex with regtweaks etc. Example files are generated. It will help as far as I think some will need without going overboard. Give it a try and please give me some feedback.

Update to v1.3


Get the Tools and guide as well on this page!!!





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:P History: (Tools.cab below)


Fixed Classic & Microsoft theme support.

All Editfields disable now when checkboxs are unchecked.( Problem with just one, cosmetic issue only )
Tooltips added. Just hover the mouse over a text labels to receive a tooltip. (Improvement)
Selecting Repartition, unchecks Autopartition and Filesystem in Winnt.sif options. (Others not required when Repartition is selected)

(v1.3) - ( Release of the Oobe Version )
Added Oobeinfo.ini for User Account Creation. (Improvement)
Bug solved enabling full theme support. (Improvement)
Added Expand for decompressing single files. (Improvement)
Added CabArc on Post Tool Tab. Requires CabArc.exe.(Improvement)
Release of help guide. (Improvement)
UserAccounts.cmd and Autologon.reg are obsolete now. (Not required)
Uxtheme.dll and SFC_OS.dll patching. (Improvement)
Release of Tool.cab  (CDImage, ModifyPE, Patch and CabArc)


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Nothing that I created or designed is in any way is reflected upon nLite.

This program is no replacement for nLite, if you want features like component removal etc, please use nLite.

I do not use nLite, as I use manual methods of creating an Unattended CD.

This program results in a similar method as the Unattended Guide at MSFN.

I created it to try and help others, to get through some of the process without error.

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This program can help you with the procedures as laid out in the MSFN unattended CD guide. It can setup your unattended answer file, slipstream service pack 2 into your windows xp cd, remove unnecessary folders, create cmdlines.txt, runonceex.cmd, useraccounts.cmd, regtweak.reg etc. as in the guide.

I do not think, the plus in the title is what you think it is. I am not sure about slipstreaming dancers?

Download it. Have a look at it, and judge for yourself.

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