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Unattended Audio Player Version 1.0 Release...

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Works very nicely with W.A.I.T. as well, here is the cmd to call WAIT, must be used

as shown...............

rem The following line hides the command window ...
cmdow @ /HID
start %systemdrive%\install\UAP\UAP.exe
start /wait %systemdrive%\install\Wait\wait.exe


if started after WAIT, it doesn't work...........

thanks for the program.....


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so after i made my post last night, i started up delphi, imported the ActiveX for Windows Media Player and tried to run an Mp3.... after trying pretty much everything to get the mp3 to run last night and today, i went searching on the net... seems delphi doesn't like Mp3's so much... even using the pre built in MediaPlayer the app just closes down.

it will play wav files, but i'm sure we all want to play mp3's... I'll contact Tarun later today and have him try as well, I don't know if its my computer or what but i've also been getting A LOT of "Access Violation" errors and so forth while running Delphi.

I have no idea where my Visual Basic CD is, i'll look for it tomarrow and maybe even start on UAP 3.0 =P

I know more VB then Delphi and seems you all appreciate the small size and the fact that it plays in WPI as well.

If anyone has any suggestions for an upcoming UAP 3.0 go ahead and suggest, I'll try my best to get each suggestion thats worth it into UAP 3.0.

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ok, found my VB CD. i have already coded the UAP pretty much where it was minus the minimize to taskbar and volume but thats about it. (which i will implement in my free time)

I have added the windows XP Manifest to it as well, so visual styles buttons and what not will look a bit better.

Still workin on this in the time i get off, and will "probably" release source code so if anyone wants it to do any modifications.

I have though of making like a settings.ini file maker add on (won't need to include it to play the files, just to help the maker of the CD make a playlist...) that lets you select what settings you wish, and what files to add.

another thing i'm planning on doing is converting all my installations to WPI so i'll post instructions in te read me file to assist in setting up UAP3 for WPI.

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Gues im the only one using this.

So i made and easy way to use this.

Its an sfx , so open with winrar , and add your mps's and edit the inf.

taskkill IM UAP2.EXE to stop it

and add this to your cleanup : RD /S /Q "%SystemDrive%\uap"


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