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i have a problem with WindowsXP


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Using Easy Cd crator with Xp in the past has been like the most common problem...Just search our database, and you will find like 100 problems. And although they sya they have patches that work with Xp, sometimes it just doesnt work for some people, so if your one of those people just get accostome to nero...dont feel too bad, nero is a better burning app anyway :)


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You'll get my vote for Nero too, should work with your Sony CD-RW.

There's plenty of other cd burning applications you can use as well, such as CD-Mate, CDRWin, and NTI CD-Maker

Like many other users say, Easy CD Creator is the most troublesome cd burning application on Windows XP.

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Man... I just had to fix 2 of my friends computers who installed EZ CD Crapola. Even with the patches, it would not work. That software is the biggest pile of crap on earth. All bloatware too. What is it about 100 MB? Nero is 12MB. Nero is the best software out there. I had to convince my friends to use it. They said it looked ugly and was hard to use. But I said what do you want, a screwed computer that burns coasters or a working computer that burns sweet cd's? NERO WINS!

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