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What is happening.....?

does anyone encountered the mouse pointer is moving by itself without even touching/holding the mouse?

what causes this action?

tried system scan using updated avast anti virus, adaware, ccleaner and no reports of any scum. Im also using zone alarm as firewall.

need to resolve this.... tnx

XPpro SP2 , HP pavilion intel celeron 700 , 512MB , SONY DVD-R/RW

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Are you using a wireless mouse? If so does a neighbour have a similar wireless mouse?

If you are using a cabled mouse is the cable being pulled behind the desk (by your foot or a tangle of other cables perhaps)?

I experienced this phenomena recently with a cabled mouse, but it hasn't happened since I bought a new mouse and reinstalled WinXP. I also use AdAware but I doubt this is to blame.

I thought it was nothing serious but now I'm not so sure...

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Are you in control of the mouse when you hold it? If you are unable to control the mouse in that situation, then there is a chance that someone else is in control of your desktop.

If you are able to control the mouse then it may just be that you require a new mouse (or battery if it's a cable free mouse). You could also try cleaning the ball if it's a cabled mouse.

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I have had this happen while I have been holding the mouse. In my case, I think, it is due to the ball on the mouse moving fractionally and fooling the computer into thinking that the ball is rolling. So if you move your mouse and it stops the behavior, then you may be getting the same behavior. Time for a new mouse in that case.

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to all thanks

I'm using a ps2 optical mouse w/ cable (BTC) and Im not holding the mouse when it happens, I doubt the cables and wires would cause this.

Im sitting far enough and dont even touching anything from my rigid pc table.

when this happens, notice the pointer always go to upper left hand corner (if facing the monitor).

movement will stop when i move the mouse.

any other possible cause......?

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Make sure the mouse surface is clean. I've had instances where some dust gets on my mouse pad or the laser and the mouse pointer appears to move by itself.

Also, to find out if it's remote controlled (eg. by a hacker), disconnect your PC from the internet/network and see if it continues to happen.

The last option I can think of is if the laser in the mouse is going. How old is the mouse?

Do you have another mouse you can try? Just turn off the PC, connect another mouse and see if you have the same problem. If not, you know it's the mouse.

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Is it an laptop with a little thingy as a mouse in the keyboard aswell?? if thats the case you can replace the thingy.

If you want to make sure youre not being hacked you just turn on (in SP2) the fire wall

you can check if someone's connected to your computer by

Run => Cmd => Netstat -an

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