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With SP2 it seems that it isnt possible to remove DSO-exploits from the register.

I used S&D Spybot and it found 5 DSO in the HKEY USERS.


This is one of them, with SFC Disabled they are comming back every time S&D removes them.

So my Q would be, is it save to delete those 5 DSO -exploits the hard way out of the register?

Afterall, those are in fact spyware.


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Omly way I have foun that I trust to remove this is regedit. Plus isde, these files are always in more or less the same place, so after doing it a cpl times, you'll feel a bit safer about doing it.

One side note, the file needs to be EXACTLY the same as spybot reports it, all you have to do is delete the 004 value

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I'm not sure if those are really exploits and not spybot program bugs. I get the same thing and every time I run spybot they come back on the next reboot. I have an eraser program overwrite them at shut down and still the same thing. Adaware doesn't pick them up at all. Cwshredder on xp keeps turning up CWS.JKsearch after cleaning on the next reboot. And I've seen posting elsewhere that this is also a bug in the program.

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Basically what's happening is that Spybot is finding that the security setting for "Download unsigned ActiveX controls" for the (normally) hidden "My Computer" zone in Internet Explorer is not set to disabled.

Given that anyone who is properly patched (via Windows Update) is not vulnerable to this exploit anymore, this is really not a serious issue, so provided your system is patched, you have nothing to worry about and can just ignore this until the fix comes out.

from Official Spybot forum thread on the DSO exploit.

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Good info here!

Like to know when the fix comes out!

Anyone like to comment on which is prefered and why, between Adaware and Spybot 1.3

I actully use both.

I find that they both leave a little out....

So using both has proven to be the most effective way to clean most known adware,spyware mal ware etc


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