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  1. Thanks for responding, BTW i use Firefox and Thunderbird on my WINXP-SP2 and i can't understand that reaction on my use of that modified driver for Audigy 2. It must have bin being spotted on my disk and its true i used a modified driver. How can i implement more security on internet use.
  2. How come that when on a website people can see the content on my hd. What i mean is this: i use zonealarm+s&d+spywareblaster and no progs like messenger or icq nor do i use peer to peer . Entering forums like thisone i do see often my ip-adres showed and also remarks like , there is a fault in my soundblaster audigy2 zs driver. What do ido best to prevent all this spying.
  3. With SP2 it seems that it isnt possible to remove DSO-exploits from the register. I used S&D Spybot and it found 5 DSO in the HKEY USERS. HKU\S-1-15-18\soft\mic\win\cv\IESettings\zones\0\1004=w=3. This is one of them, with SFC Disabled they are comming back every time S&D removes them. So my Q would be, is it save to delete those 5 DSO -exploits the hard way out of the register? Afterall, those are in fact spyware.
  4. You could check the Microsoft website concerning SP2. There's a list of programs wich won't work properly with SP2.
  5. I found a solution myself. Anyone with the same problem , edit Boot.ini Remove "no" from the line "noexecution" and DEP is disabled.
  6. IN WinXP SP2 a new protection item is present in IE-Settings, called DEP. DEP stands for Data Execution Prevention. New processors do have a hardware type of DEP, mine isnt. So it works by software to this moment and it does slow down my system to much. My Q is how to disable DEP in de registry?

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