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Copying Shortcuts to 'Quick Launch'

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Just as the title suggests, I would like to be able to make/copy some shortcuts in/to the 'Quick Launch' toolbar. I have already tried the '$OEM$\$DOCS\{USER}\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch' method but it does not work. The files do get copied over to the particualar {USER} Documents and Settings folder but the problem is now Windows does nto use that name for the USER. Instead it makes a User by the name {USER-COMPUTER NAME}

For eg.:

Let's say I have a user by the name of Sanjay and my Computer Name = 'Visualtech', thus:

'$OEM$\$DOCS\Sanjay\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch', which insures that the shortcuts get copied over to that path. But the problem is that windows now does not use the name Sanjay as a user and instead uses Sanjay-Visualtech as the name for the user.

Anyhow I am hoping someone can help me solve this problem. I have 5 users that I would like to make and would like to be able to copy shortcuts to the Quick Launch toolbar of all five. Shortcuts to stuff like 'Calculator, Notepad, Windows Media Player 10' etc.


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I had the exact same problem...

Try using the {default user} folder instead of your {user}. When new accounts are created the files will be copied to their profile. The only thing to keep in mind is if you are on a shared computer all new accounts you create will get a copy of those files.

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Before the cleanup routine is called in runoncex.cmd, add the lines similar to the following:

REG ADD %KEY%\045 /VE /D "Adding user defined shortcut" /f
REG ADD %KEY%\005 /V 1 /D "rundll32 setupapi,InstallHinfSection Shortcuts 128 %systemdrive%\Apps\shortcut.inf" /f

Now create a shortcut.inf file similar to this:



;adds shortcut to Program Files\AVPersonal\AVWIN.EXE to the current users Quick Launch bar
setup.ini, progman.groups,, ""group1="%16410%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\"""
setup.ini, group1,,"""AVWIN"",""""""%16422%\AVPersonal\AVWIN.EXE"""""""

Where %16410% = %USERPROFILE%\Application Data and %16422% = %ProgramFiles%.

Hope this helps!

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