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auto-prompt to change password

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The VBscript above (by shuter) works fine with XP Pro, but not Home Edition.

Any ideas how to do the same for home edition as well?


Well, if the little tool can work in XP home, I'm game for it.

If the cusrmgr.exe can do what I want, on XP home, then could someone please post a link to download it? (if its legitimate)

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Finally, I got the cusrmgr.exe !

But the sad news is, it doesn't work with XP home - could it be bcos the home edition does not support the required management features? It works fine with XP pro.

So now, the search is still on - how to set a user's password to "change at next logon" on XP home?

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@prathapml I really don't know too much about Home edition, but from what you have written above I'm guessing that there is no support for ADSI at all. Even though you are binding to the local SAM, ADSI is actually the mechanism behind the account changes. This would also explain why cusmgr isn't working.

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I'm still searching for a way to set these settings on XP home! :( (the VBscript by shuter works fine with XP pro, though).

Okay, I'm back with a new update on this issue.

Since I execute the command to set pwnexp (password-never-expires) - the above VBscript by shuter doesn't work anymore. What is the VBscript to:

1. Remove the check-mark from "Password never expires".

2. Enable "User cannot change password" for a specified user.

Below is a screenshot of the current (messy) situation I'm having. The screenshot is about the properties of a certain user, from User Management MMC. Screenie taken, so that my above question can be illustrated (by showing what boxes I want to check/uncheck).


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Dunno if you are still looking for a way of doing this but after ages of trying to find a way of bringing up the password change box from rundll32 or something equally as complicated. I gave up...

I have thought of a way round it though. If the user creation cmd file is changed to add date changes either side of it, ie.


DATE 01/01/1980

;Add all the users as normal


Then during cleanup right at the end the maximum password age policy can be set to a day. When the PC reboots it should say the password has expired and force a password change. A final runonceex can be put in to put the policy back to the required setting after the login so it wont ask every day.

I havent tested this in an install but I have followed it all through manually and it worked fine. Dont think it will work for the administrator logon though.

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  • 2 years later...

Well, this is an ancient thread, but I'm having some issues here with this same thing.

I want to force the administrator account to change its password at the first logon. So, I put in my commands.txt

cusrmgr -u userName -s PasswordNeverExpires +s MustChangePassword

When I log on, the box is checked, however, it doesn't require a change password, it only says:


Your password expires today. Do you want to change it now?

But a day later... and another day after that.... still not being forced. :unsure:

Any idea why and how I can fix this?

P.S. This is on a windows xp professional unattended install.

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