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  1. http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/nircmd.html NirCmd setdialuplogon "Internet1" "nirs3" "q5r4df7yh5"
  2. according to DeployTools.cab\ref.chm\Unattend.txt\[GuiRunOnce] it waits until program finished.got Word/Excel Viewer 2003 etc. in my disc, RunOnceEx injected @T-12, they always install one by one. maybe that's caused by your wrapping program WAIT.exe, which forks another process to do app install. e.g. when i do "nircmd.exe exec hide app.exe", nircmd.exe forks a new process to run app.exe, the app.exe still running, but nircmd.exe's task is over so it terminate itself. anyway, tho your script works, just don't care the 1k less script copied to hd, or kill itself after WAIT.exe terminated(DEL
  3. if GuiRunOnce accepts program/arguments, this should work. only tried in command prompt in working system, never tried on CD. [GuiRunOnce] %SystemRoot%\system32\cmd.exe /Q /C FOR /F %I IN ('%SystemRoot%\system32\findstr.exe dospath= %SystemRoot%\system32\$WINNT$.INF') DO (FOR %J IN (%I$OEM$) DO (IF EXIST %J (%~dJ\Install\Install.cmd))) IMHO, GuiRunOnce == RunOnceEx injeted from CMDLINES.txt, dunno why you don't do that there.
  4. it only restrict spaces on SourcePath, anything elses under sourcepath are free.CD:\XP Pro\i386\... will not work. replace space with _ underscore or - dash. CD:\XP-Pro_A\i386\... no problem. CD:\XP-Pro_A\$OEM$\Drivers\nVidia ForceWare 77.72\... no problem anything using similar DetachedProgram/Arguments to get sourcepath from $winnt$.inf got this problem. no workaround yet. but this method did retrive correct sourcepath on multiboot cd from reliable source, on cd base installation. edit: nvm
  5. @hp38user: the process/thread stuff you said in this page, that's what i thought, but i'm too poor to explain in English. this ticker scripts' kinda hard coded time slicing. i use NirCmd cmdwait first place, but it pops all immediately, as you said there's something wrong with some timer function. so i back to wait. freeze is not cause by SetupCopyOEMInf nor setup.exe, only they deadlocked in some place in setupapi.dll. that's my guess, may be wrong. needs some experts' idea. @a06lp: passed another test with huge sets of BtS driver pack Chipset+GraphicsA+Lan+SoundAB(extracted size about 680Mb
  6. they're the same for setPriority, only it's in batch. i added another ticker script which loops until SetupCopyOEMInf ends. 10sec to run setup.exe, 50sec to suspend it, loops. SetupCopyOEMInf freeze when setup.exe suspended, i guess that's because they need to update something with setupapi.dll. the ticker script gives setup.exe 10sec within 1min to update, so they won't interlocked and setup.exe uses lesser cpu(1/6). 10 : 50 that's for my laptop. besides, setup.exe=low, SetupCopyOEMInf.exe=high. i had bad experience with resume time less than 10sec.
  7. pausep>%SystemDrive%\pid.txt FOR /F "tokens=2" %%I IN ('findstr /I /L "setup.exe" %SystemDrive%\pid.txt) DO DEL %SystemDrive%\pid.txt & SET Setup_PID=%%Iredirect to a temp file and parse from it. imho pausep=psSuspend edit: redo another install, same as psSuspend. SetupCopyOEMInf slows down and stopped at some driver, after Ctrl-C SetupCopyOEMInf, and rescan again, it passed. same as i use psSuspend. edit2: @a06lp: my lastest test, using NirCmd to detach another ticker script that resume-wait10sec-suspend-wait50sec-resume setup.exe, it works on my laptop with 63 driver paths. the modem
  8. if you wanna try batch way, remove Drivers.cmd in CMDLINES.TXT, and keep the [GuiUnattended] part: got no CDR now, but when i insert my old disc(using DetachedProgram with batch @T-39). i've done following tests: when setup.exe starts, press Shift-F10 to open command prompt, and enter "PsSuspend setup.exe" when DetachedProgram starts. the setup.exe totally frozen(even no repaint). i didn't put drivers on cd, compressed drivers instead, the 7z extracting console works fine as usual. the setup.exe stopped until "PsSuspend -r setup.exe"(30min at least, out for something). tho i didn't execute an
  9. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=51406 [Unattended] OemPreinstall = No [GuiUnattended] DetachedProgram = ".\system32\cmd.exe" Arguments="/Q /C FOR /F %I IN (%SystemRoot%\SYSTEM32\$WINNT$.INF) DO (FOR %J IN (%I$OEM$) DO (IF EXIST %J (START /MIN /D%J Detached.cmd)))"modify the "Detached.cmd" into ur useraccounts.cmd or else. it works on WINNT.SIF OemPreinstall=No or Yes. and do whatever you need in ur batch, xcopy, or extracting. there's some restriction at T-39, see Pyron's pinned thread. i compressed everything into 7z, like $$.7z, $1.7z, put them on $OEM$, then extract in Detach
  10. @sonic: you don't need WatchDriverSigningPolicy.exe for WHQL drivers. @hp38quser: i love sysinternals & nircmd seems PsSuspend fix the driver extraction before T-34 limitation, got my perfect method. you should keep WatchDriverSigningPolicy.exe(for non WHQL) until driver scan finished, T-13 will be a good place to PsKill it. @T-39 REG ADD HKLM\....\RunOnceEx to PsKill or CMDLINES.TXT. and turn back Pyron's postinstall. or do that @WINNT.SIF [GuiRunOnce], if my broken memory still ok it's about T-9? anyone knows if SetupCopyOEMInf.exe accepts more than one paths? Detached.cmd for DriverO
  11. free sysinternals' PsSuspend included inside PsTools? http://www.sysinternals.com/Utilities/PsSuspend.html Arguments="/Q /C FOR /F %I IN (%SystemRoot%\SYSTEM32\$WINNT$.INF) DO (FOR %J IN (%I$OEM$) DO (IF EXIST %J (start /min /D%J Autoit3.exe Drivers.au3)))" using DetachedProgram to scan dospath should consider a hack, tho it works currently, it may not perm. i love Pryon's SetupCopyOEMInf.exe maybe i should modify my Detached.cmd with PsTools into: @ECHO OFF .\PsSuspend.exe setup.exe .\WatchDriverSigningPolicy.exe ::rem extracting drivers archiver to hd, optional ::rem .\7za.exe x -y -o"%Sy
  12. for those owned cusrmgr from w2k resKit cusrmgr -u userName -s PasswordNeverExpires +s MustChangePassword
  13. minimal files needed for /integrate 1.NTPRINT.CAT(0 byte empty file) 2.HIVESYS.INF [Version] signature="$Windows NT$" DriverVer=07/01/2001,5.1.2600.2180 [Strings] INSTALL_LANGUAGE="0409" 3.DOSNET.INF [Version] signature="$Windows NT$" DriverVer=07/01/2001,5.1.2600.2180 [Directories] d1 = \I386 [Miscellaneous] ProductType = 0 ServicePack = 2.0 [OptionalSrcDirs] [Files]
  14. OemPnPDriversPath appends %SystemDrive% before each entry. or go DeviceDrivers forum and read Pyron's drivers from CD thread.
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