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  1. Lets build/extract PE

    Actually, not quite true. You need an editor (notepad will do), a windows cd, and a way to create the hives. I've managed to do this, a bootable pe, with about 30mb. I've used perl to parse the infs and create the hives. Then I modified them (set a shell) with reg.exe. Using cdrtools, i created an iso wich booted. Just to prove it was possible to do without the OPK or BartPE. I've also modified the txtsetup.sif to lower ram requirements, ignore acpi and not load scsi drivers.
  2. Can't you use the bultin Administrator to auto logon and add the user as a standard one, running other installs and finally sysprep it ?
  3. @sintaxasn I'm a little late on this thread, but facing the same problem of the hdd controller drivers, we just added this: [Sysprep] BuildMassStorageSection= Yes to sysprep.inf, just before [sysprepMassStorage] section Before rebooting, sysprep adds the known drivers to the [sysprepMassStorage] section. Doesn't anyone else tried this, or had you ant issues with it ?
  4. Sorry, my bad, I just pasted the wrong name on my reply, I meant Incroyable HULK, of course.
  5. Windows Media Connect & WindowsXP-KB834707-x86-enu

    @gbmacman I've made two CD with SP2 with no issues (i've seen this error though) . Have you tried the integration switches ? I'm just curious, not sure if it helps at all. I remembered, Bilou_Gateaux provided a way to get it working, look it up on the 2k updates thread..
  6. Here you go, I think I got it in one of those sites that have all the resource kits tools. My understanding is if you have a legitimate license you can grab it from the net. Edit: Sorry, uploading doesn't seem to be working for me. Edit 2: where i got it cusrmgr.zip
  7. @army20 That's the list I was thinking, but now you got me curious. Does it work from a CD, how does it knows which have been used, by scanning the network ?
  8. @Incroyable HULK That's easy Where can I download the Windows 2000 Resource Kit tools? As for the updates, of course your method is valid, and easier to maintain. I just wanted to show in a more visible way (since it as in a subforum) what GreenMachine, Bilou_Gateux and me have found so far regarding 2000 updates, not that you modified the list just because we say it works better. Good work, the forum lacked this sticky long time now. The list windowsupdate gives can be optimized and improved upon, so the updates can be applied in "one shot" whithout getting any issues. It just takes a LOT of work reading and testing. I consider it a minimal security reference, and not the "ultimate state" of a windows instalation. If the thread doesn't grow too much, I can post here any relevant further improvement. take care,
  9. I think it's possible to use a list of names, and installs will use one at a time, but it requires a floppy. Why not a batch, using batpize.exe, that checks for a file on a network share, to change it afterwards ?
  10. Change to DefaultHide instead of FullUnattended in UnattendMode, and manually correct the name at instal time. it works for me.
  11. @vcBlackBox A few remarks on your 2000SP4 list. 1 - KB834707 can be replaced by KB873377 with success. Update rollup 873377 includes the cumulative security fixes in MS04-038 as well as hotfixes released since MS04-004. See KB 2 - KB839645 is superceded by KB841356 (in both XP too), see KB. 3 - KB828026 behaviour is fixed by KB832353 (all versions up to 9, in XP too) 4 - KB814078 should be replaced by "Windows Script 5.6 for Windows 2000 and XP" available here since it replaces the problematic jscript.dll by (Not tested with XP yet, where it gave me more problems) These are the findings on a problem myself, Bilou_Gateux and others have been working here These replacements work, I've tested a slipstreamed 2000SP4 today with 0 critical updates and verified it with hfnetchk, only got warning of version bigger than expected. It also works within svcpack, with a few tricks devised by the grat Bilou_Gateux. I'm replying here, so this info reaches more people who needs this info just in case you don't want to do these changes.
  12. Windows 2K Security Updates

    Hi Bilou_Gateux, I feel a bit stupid, I somehow saw yesterday (maybe I had too many properties windows opened, or unpacked the wrong update). So do you think it's a good replacement then ? I know it sure makes sense, that's why brought the question earlier in this thread. I've Built a CD (by hand, not XPCreated) and it worked. no issues on hfnetchk, no critical updates in windowsupdate. Got two IE icons in quick launch bar, though. @GM Anything changed in IE packer, I mean should I drop IEGO.EXE as I think it runned twice ? If everything is working now, couldn't you do a sticky with this list of updates, svcpack, etc. At least untill you updates you site ? Great work, Bilou_Gateux (sorry i was calling you Bilou). I only want to solve the problem with 841356 without modifing the SP4 slipstreamed I386 source now. I was thinking, how about adding "d1=\I386\SVCPACK", putting correct "SHLWAPI.DL_" there, it should work ?
  13. Windows 2000 sp4 problem

    n2it I suggest you also read thread too, where we discussed this same error. Like tguy said, post replys/questions where you think it's more relevant and easier to find for someone to find.
  14. Windows 2K Security Updates

    On the other hand, most articles I found say the version installed by IE6 is the one vulnerable, and there was even a discussion here about jscript.dll. Also found out - an exploit here saying that is also vulnerable (another one ,since it's posterior to MS03-008?) - a post in microsoft.public.scripting.jscript here saying 5..6.8515 is the last build - and a clean 2000 sliptreamed with SP4 has So I guess if using IE6 one should apply the update anyway, since it changes it to a vulnerable version (unless it was patched by MS).
  15. Windows 2K Security Updates

    @Bilou Sorry for the long answer. Regarding 814078 I'm guessing here: in IE6 SP1 (scripten.cab) the jscript.dll is with 589.874 bytes in KB814078 the jscript.dll is with 589.881 bytes On MS03-008, on "Additional information about this patch" says: "The fix for this issue will be included in Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 and Windows XP Service Pack 2.", even if it doesn't appear on SP4 fixes list. But, in the "Windows Script 5.6 for Windows 2000 and XP", available here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...&displaylang=en from September 2004, (a year later), with a package version, jscript.dll is also, like IE. Searching Microsoft Security Bulletins, for IE6 SP1,IE6 gold, 2000 SP4 or even Windows Script 5.1 doesn't bring this update. I know hfnetchk did mention it on vanilla 2000SP4 workstations, that's why I've used to include it in our "apply all critical updates" batch files, but since it brought us nothing but problems (hotmail, windowsupdate - sometimes having to reapply) i'm dropping it. On the other updates, I'm also checking what works for me, with a difference: since I like to have this "vaccine" batches, I don't really want to mess with the i386 source, just have a "plug-it" svcpack that can be adapted to be applied on live systems too. I'll keep you informed if I find out anything useful, but you are the one doing a great job.