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damn i'm confused. 2 routers with Wireless


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ok.... my family and I are moving too Idaho... well we currently have a Router (siemens 2604) and all is working well.. then my dad went out today and bought 1 wireless router 1 wireless USB connector and 1 wireless PCI card. i'm actually on the internet now through the wireless USB connector. so the wireless IS working. but.. can't see eachother on the network nor is there any security.. lots of new terms i'm never heard of like "SSID" so not knowing anything about wireless we're basically sitting out in the open.

so....... does anyone have any links too somesort of guide too connecting 2 routers and securing the wireless network?


Easily Confused, Bi0haZard :P

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I assume you have connected the 2 routers per cable uplink, so the first thing to do is to disable the DHCP-Server in your Wireless router. This way your WLAN Cards should receive their adresses from the internet router and you have only "one" network afterwards and you should have no problems going online.



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1. if you want to see the other computers on your network.

you will have to do this...

make sure that you are all using the same workgroup name i.e. idaho default i think is workgroup

2nd make sure you have your network protocols setup correctly

right click --> network neighborhood on your desktop

right click --> local area connection. you should have (2) (select the wireless) don't know which one is which, do this for both

a window will pop open

make sure you have these network protocols

1. client for microsoft networks

2. file and printer settings

3. Nwlink Netbios

4. Nwlink IPX/SPX

5. Internet protocol TCP/IP

as for you SSID, you will have to READ your manual!

it will give you instructions on how to edit your SSID and activate it.

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yea i agree with Pyron, this is just a simple network don't think i would need 3 & 4.

but yea, i'll try Pyron's solution first. then try yours Astalavista.

also... just too get an idea of whats going on here...

Router 1's IP:

Router 2's IP:

Subnet: on both of course

Workgroup: Workgroup :P

I currently have DHCP on BOTH but gonna go disable all that and try Pyrons solution after i post this.

so should my IP's be on diffrent ranges..? example..

Router 1:

Router 2:


ok... did some research :rolleyes: and someone else was having the same type of configuration. he had 2 routers with the same IP.. they told him too change it so that router 1 would be and router 2 would be and too use a straight-through cable.. i'm currently using a crossover cable is that bad? or should i use a straight-through?

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The two routers should have IPs from the same subnet, so

would be okay.

One more thing on the DHCP-server. The simple reason to disable the one in the WLANRouter is that the WLAN-Cards would receive their info from there first, ie gateway and dns information which points to the WLAN-router, not to the one connected to the internet.

Which type of cable to use depends on the ports on the routers. If you have a port labeld "uplink" you take a straight cable from the uplink port of one router to a normal port of the other. If you have no uplink port, you connect them via a crosslink cable on the normal ports.

The SSID is basically the name of the Wireless router, which can be broadcasted or not. You should disable the broadcast if possible, this adds a little bit to security.



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looks like i got a lot done now thanks too ya :D right now i have internet on router 2, can access both router 1 and 2's setup pages, and can view other computers on the network on this computer... not sure on the wireless yet... gonna go try that now.

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yeap.... just checked everything making sure all went well.. and can do everything like a normal network..


ok got another problem... my dad uses a program called "Echolink" that needs 3 ports open. if he has his laptop plugged in through cat-5 cable it works cause he port forwarding is sending it too his computer ( but when he uses the wireless it treats the USB connector as a diffrent computer (has is own MAC address) and his IP now becomes on my router setup page, it actualy shows 2 laptops, same name but 2 diffrent IP's.... anyway i can get it so he doesn't have too go into the router evertime he goes between Wired and Wireless?

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This may help, it helped me when I first started learning how to network: Introduction to Networking

Keep in mind I have not looked this over in a couple years, and not sure if what your looking for exactly is in there, but also, I used, (and sometimes still do,) Broadband Reports


No body even uses netbios anymore.  IPx/SPX is for Novell, I seriously doubt that anyone is running a novell server @ home.

I do, it helps keep my network secure. (Not running a server though, just using IPX/SPX.) Though I am having some problems on how to utilize this with my Apple Mac based laptop as well at the current moment, without the use of a third party utility. I should mention that some games use this when connecting together on a lan for lan based gaming, such as with Quake 2.

Also, Bi0haZarD, I have to question your use of two Wireless Lans? Why is it necessary, just having the one should be sufficiant. If your using a Router with a WAP, then I can concieve it, but if your using two Routers, one with wireless, then just remove the non-wireless one, unless you really have a need for it, (to seperate a buisness from the home for example, which you shouldn't have a need to see anyways,) as your Wireless Gateway/Router should have a few, (usually at least 4,) ports for hardwire use if needed.

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