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SP2 integration:Failed to copy some or all files


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I failed integration of XP SP2 because of this error:

Failed to copy some or all of the files necessary for integrated install         .

Please check that    :
           a) No network or copy errors occurred during the integration process
           b) The format of the destination directory is correct        .
               The files to be integrated must reside in an i     386   and /or ia64  or nec 98  directory

               .e .for an   386  share  , if you typed   "update   /s:c :\cdshare  ", the files must be in the     :\cdshare   \386  
directory ).

(I Ctrl + A to select all files within my CD and copy it as instruction. I followed step by step)

I only succeeded after getting nLite do it for me. Anyone tell me what is the problem. Thanks

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