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Any one get AutomaticUpdates to work?

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It does the same thing.

Jeff, what else do you have in your winnt.sif file, there's possibly something else preventing Windows from skipping the Help Protect your PC Page.

Below is a winnt.sif file that works for skipping that and the Welcome to Windows XP pages:


   KeyboardLayout="United Kingdom"












   Profiles = WindowsFirewall.TurnOffFirewall

   Mode = 0

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Here it is...


















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should be


Good luck!

I agree. Look under system32 directory. Inspect $oem$.inf file for what setup saw of your winnt.sif. See if AutomaticUpdates= ? in there.

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expand you oobeinfo.in_ in your i386 to oobeinfo.ini:

expand oobeinfo.in_ oobeinfo.ini

and add SkipAutoUpdate=1 under the [options] part.


cab it back to oobeinfo.in_ using makecab:


and replace the one in your i386 folder.

That should do it, Windows Welcome Screen without automatic updates promt.

For more options about oobeinfo check ref.chm in deploy cab in your support\tools folder on the winxp cd, or get it here.

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Do you still have AutomaticUpdates=1 in winnt.sif? You must have that as well...

That shoud be enough really, but the oobeinfo tweak is just to tell windows that you really don't want to see that page. :D

You don't have any regtweaks that disables Automatic Updates?

No autoupdate=off in the [Components] sections of winnt.sif?

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I just tried it again using AutomaticUpdates="Yes" instead of AutomaticUpdates=1 but it again asks to protect or not still at windows welcome.

I have the same problem doing a OPK install, neither automaticupdates= methods work.

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I have the same problem, as in although I have "AutomaticUpdates = 1" (I have also tried "AutomaticUpdates = Yes"), I still end up with Automatic Updates under Securtity Center not being set. I still have to manually turn on Automatic Updates after install is complete. But unlike some others here I don't get any screens while installing and the entire install process goes thru without any input needed.

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